HUT - Theory Of Everything?

The book to be published also in English (?)

Theory with 72 slides (Strong joints to Gnosticism and Anthroposophy, now in English, 1/2014).

Summary of three important sectors (Starting points with Anthroposophy, in Finnish for now, 10/2013).

This is a link to 40 pages wide Term Vocabulary (12/2009, to be updated)

For the Seeker of Truth. For the traveler of the Path of Knowledge.

Truth is all that EXIST! Truth is spalled and diluted, it must be brought to harmony and order, when it builds and expands the consciousness of the seeker.

Searching Truth is like compiling a jigsaw puzzle without model picture.

Truth is most important in the human life. It is the valuable bowl of Gral. It pays and should be looked for. The goal is to find the Citizenship of the Universum!!!

The HUT is a good baseline and step for the Seeker of Truth. However remember that the life is a joyful affair.