Vocabulary of Terms

I have collected here all the special terms I have used as well scientific as religional and occult words. Oriental religion - philosophic special names, used plenty by Theosophy, has been left aside as unnecessary ones. All the terms, which I have been able to 'mirror' from the point of view of the HUT-theory, have been 'modified' using its perspective. I have added all the synonymes I know and references to other words that include additional information on the subject. With a capital letter I have wanted to show that this word can be also found in the vocabulary. A part of the synonymes is located only in the connection of the most used word, not alphabetically.

Absolute, Infinity, The Perfect, Universum of Universums, Truth, Reality is the fundamental basis of everything. The Urantia-book talks about the Infinite Spirit and divides it further into the Absonite, Qualified and Unqualified Absolute. See Triune God, Fundamental or Grand Universum and Truth. It creates also a flexible and dynamic 'medium' for the time space.

Alfa Waves, Alfa Rhythm, Beta Rhythm, Theta- and Delta-Waves . These are Brainwork waves due to their electromagnetic vibrations, potential variations between cortex and inner parts. Their frequency equals about 10 times per second (10 Hz). It shows up, when man is in a relaxed state or sleep. Beta rhytm is higher (13 – 25 Hz) and expresses that one is awake. Lower vibrations (1-7 Hz) can come up when asleep and sick conditions of brains, called Theta- and Delta-waves. Riikonen says that lower frequencies are a sign that a man's 'consciousness' is standing in the mental levels.

Allergy is seen as an illness that is due to the unstable function of brains. Stress or some other overload of the brains lead to sensitive reactions of the immune system. Unstability is no doubt man's mental disharmony, weak or bad construction of the astral body. Chronicity is due to the 'memory' of the tissues, when a certain situation leads to a certain commands many times, the tissue starts to react in the same way, even the brains wouldn't prompt anew.

Angel, is a 'living' expression of the God's Love, a thought or 'agent' of the High Spirit. It is transacting given duties. It is said that every human (more often a group of 10 to 500 people depending on their mental development) has an own Guardian Angel, see Superego. In any case all of us belong to the 'guidance' of some higher spirit. We are like in a screen of the Spirit's 'umbrella', see Hierarchy of the Spirits. Theosophy talks about the parallel evolutionary line of the Kingdom of the Angels. It begins from the spirits of the Nature, like the old peoples' Gods of the waters, forests, Goblins, Fairies etc, goes on with the various level Angels till the Archangels. They miss the lower than Astral bodies and their mission is to make all kinds of services, to assist organisms at their material refining task. A man can if he/she so wishes to have transferred into the kingdom of angels, but it is said to be a longer path towards the Perfect.

Anthroposophy, 'wisdom of man' or information that a man can attain, is the philosophy of life created by Rudolf Steiner (born 1861), based on his special spiritual sight, see Wikipedia. He said he could see spirits everywhere, for instance the planets, Moon and Sun contained a big amount of spirits. Till the age of 35 the physical world was unreal dreamlike for him and the spiritual realm was his reality. He himself supposed to have preserved the ability of the children to see into the spiritual realm so long, when a normal child loses this ability already before the steady memory starts. At first he belonged to the theosophists, but parted, when he could not accept their disparaging vision about the Christ, see Christosophy. He was incredible hardworking presenting almost thousand lectures every year till he passed away (1925). He developed many useful courses based on the spiritual energy, like health care, pedagogics, gymnastics, Eurythm and farming, Biodynamic Cultivation. He even tried to give advices as well to the Church as administrations.

Antiparticle (Antimaterial) is the counter particle of the material (primary) particle. When they meet, both reverse back to the condensates and thinnings (at least photons) or even 'disappear' totally or return back to the perfect basic energy. In principle it has a 'mirror' vibrations of the corresponding primary particle and when they collide, the vibrations eliminate all the energy variations. Both do contain bunches of condensates and thinnings, but antiparticle has more bunches of thinnings. Because the bunches of thinnings are more unsensitive to lock up into the more steady state than the bunches of condensates, there exist less antiparticles than particles. It is hard to isolate material and antimaterial, because they have a strong attractive (nuclear) force. If they are electrically charged, they can be isolated electromagnetically. Linear Antigravity would then be a 'condensed' area of the basic media caused by a local antimaterial particle, which statically attracts bunches of thinnings. A condensed or thinned extended wave front of the simple vibration is unnecessary to call either ii-particle or anti-ii-particle.

Astral Body, Emotional Body (heavenly body) is an entity built up by the lower intermediate spiritual level energies. It is a man's second and animal's highest form. Man's ordinary thinking and emotions occur in this body. It is finer energy than Life body, but coarser than Mental body. It is so called 'flesh' bound energy or specific vibrations of the material particles. Occultists divide it further into seven successive levels and talk about the lower layers of the soul. The frequency of the Astral energy is roughly between 1010 - 1020 and it needs a molecule, organic cell or material particle, the specific vibration of which it is.

Astral Zone is the realm of thinking, emotions and dreams. It is a part of the Spiritual realm composed of ii-particles, some kind of prezone. Because of low level, negative, even harmful energies, it is well isolated from the particular Good Spiritual realm probably by the first zone of the 'stalling' waves. Occultists talk about the Astral light, which is an invisible circle around our globe, as other spheres, too. It is called a big snake and dragon, which emits all the evil influences to the mankind. It is an earthly melting pot, which radiates just what it has received. The word astral, starlike, is ancient and its origin is disputed, it can come from the skytic or assyrian languages. Physically it has been regarded as an ether. Occultic science and alchemy has shown its connection to the 'unlimited waves', as an opportunity to understand every feature of the spirit. This has been a basis for the Astrology, which used to be the science of high repute. Astronomy used to mean the same thing in olden days.

Atom is the basic unit of elements, created from the primary particles, a building block of the materials harmonized by the internal forces, where the electrons rotate the nucleus built up of the protons and neutrons. Inside of it is held a large microcosmos compared to the size of the primary particles. This microcosmos confines to it energy vibrations like a ‘can’ and can so function as a memory of the spiritual energies, even a physical body of the spirit.

Aura is defined by occultism as follows: "Fine invisible substance, fluidum, which is emited by the human or animal body and even objects. It is psychic vapour, which belongs to both the soul and body. It is simultaneously both electrovital and electromental". Evidently also electroastral, -causal etc, as far as there are more of these so called fine bodies, though most of the clairvoyants see only the lowest part or vital body. Theosophy calls the finest part akashian or magnetic aura.

Background Radiation is the observed basic radiation in the time space, which is reckoned to originate from the Big Bang. It has been possible to define the incidents of the Big Bang and after it, e g Inflation.

Basic Forces are energy influences defined by the physics and interacted by the primary and Interaction particles. There are four known types: Gravity, Electromagnetic, Weak and Strong nuclear force. Our science cannot yet restore them from one basic force, particularly the gravity is difficult one. According to the HUT-theory the kinetic energy causes wavelike vibrations and it is that is why the mother of all the energy types. The father is the Perfect energy, which by its interaction characteristics brings the original energy (infinite velocity) and updates it by its tensions, see Ether. The transformation phases of the perfect energy can be divided as follows: 1. Kinetic energy is primary, the first 'product', 2. Gravity is secondary, the second one, 3. The condensates and thinnings of the vibration with multiple orders of magnitude or Ii-particles, 4. Interaction particles, which actually are large ii-particles and 5. Primary particles.

Basic particle, ~ Energy Cell is a volume, where energy is in the undivided, uniform and Harmonic state and it has in every direction the same force (influence). The size can be very variable depending on the frequency. Material basic particle is perceived as small as possible, but it is intensively condensed basic energy containing multiple compacted or also thinned basic energy cells. Before the Big Bang all the universum were covered by one and only basic energy cell. During initial chaos disharmonic vibrations split it into the smaller and denser units. Merely wavelike spiritual energy shapes the various sized ii-particles, the wider volume they cover, the longer is the wavelength. Whe the frequency approaches infinity, the wavelength does the same and a wider harmonic or Perfect energy state is born.

(The)Bible does not need any introduction, but I want to tell, how it is settled in the light of the HUT-theory. It is no doubt information inspired by the higher spirits and even divine in the respect, that Father's Love has played at least a great role in its birth. The Old Testament has become yet badly distorted, because it was written during the excile of the Israelites and was meant to comfort the citizens struggling in the troubles. All talking about an elected nation must be left in its own worth. That kind of discrimination cannot be included in the way of thinking of the Creator of the thousands of the inhabited planets. Equally the talking of the New Testament about the elected righteous people is an idea of the selfish fathers of the church. We are all similar citizens of this Universum. Sooner or later we will all become as perfect, and the missteps of these intermediate phases do not show up anywhere. A matter of the Messiah or Christ is much more sophisticated. Prophecy of the Messiah is presented in almost all the old religions, or the Israelite priests (or prophets) 'stole' it and tried to get it the privilege of their own people. The texts of the New Testament have become filtered by the humans, and the evangelists could not have any deep insight on the purpose of the Jesus' life. Jesus himself did not want to outstrip anything in the written version. His speech was adjusted to the people of that age, and was not meant forever dogmas, in which all the people should belief blindly. Jesus surely got himself also a dynamic vivid faith, which is developing from all the experiences and thoughts changing better and better. We have to put our trust in the Heavenly Father and not in the old interpretations of the Bible by the churches, which can be argued for thousands of years.

(The)Big Bang is the beginning and first incident of the time space. The perfectly harmonic 'ether', limitless space formed by the basic energy cells of the infinite frequency, empty of energy variations, was then put in disorder in one stroke by the chaos of the disharmonic vibrations. All kinds of the imperfect and temporary energy forms, were built up material being the most condensed one.

Biodynamic Cultivation is a spiritual way of farming, developed by Rudolf Steiner.

Black Hole is so large area of the condensate of the time space energy, where the gravity is so strong that not even the light (Photons) can escape from there. It is like a huge transforming oven for material to smaller particles (ii-particles), higher universes, Spiritual realm. At the same time all the various forces are transformed finer, first Gravity then Kinetic energy, which increases towards infinity, time- and space-free Perfect energy again. A Black hole is like a stomach of the time space absorbing nutrition and crushes it finer. It can be thought of a high Spirit (spirits) in the task of ennobling energy. Now it is known, that in the middle of every galaxy (exceptions possible) there exist one Black hole, which has a mass of the million Suns. Their attraction power gradually joins all the material of the time space into one colossal galaxy, where also its material gradually vanishes into the mouth of the Black hole.

Body is a location and time coordinates for the evolving spirit, contact and bondage into the certain dimension of the time space. It is intellectually constructed complex energy accumulation, which is capable of tieing up and using even refining its own level energy. Human being having the lowest or Physical body normally possesses three finer bodies: Life (Vital), Astral (Emotional) and Mental (Spiritual) body. Consciousness and Personality is built up of the functions of all of them. Everyday consciousness (Emotion and Intellect) is built up of electrochemistry, mental (actual) consciousness (Soul or Understanding) is first constructed from the energies of the astral body, but is gradually shifted hopefully during lifetime to the mental body towards Wisdom. Animals do not possess mental body, plants also astral one. The lowest body of the natural spirits and Angels is astral body.

Bosons are interaction particles that keep up weak nuclear force.

Brainwork, see Thinking

Causal body, ~ spirit is next finer energy than Mental body. It has no figure, but they are built up of the ii-particles of the wavelike vibrations, some pieces of the perfect energy in between. Its energies can be the internal vibrations of one single atom, when that atom or even many form a physical body, connection to a certain time and place. The ii-particles inside the atom with its harmonic radiation, which in the higher dimensions extend much outside one physical atom, contain the consciousness of the Spirit, which is accordingly higher than a man's normal consciousness. A causal spirit can be regarded as an independent and conscious spiritual being of the lowest level. In the same time it is the highest spirit that can communicate directly with the material kingdom. These may include among others the Guardian angels and Spiritual guides. Theosophy defines that the causal body is a Spiritual Soul, Buddhi or Information Body, which is not either objective or subjective. Still finer energy levels of the spiritual realm, which have already far joined with the Universum (their spirits have no body or figure, but they are widely spreading ’wave motion’), has the oriental knowledge named as follows: Buddhic (notice that Theosophy defines this same as causal), Nirvanic, Paranirvanic and Mahaparanirvanic. Superego might be somehow build up from these finer energy levels, from which it ’stretches’ His influence towards the lower and coarser levels using often intermediate spirits as His agents.

Chemical Reaction is considered as a compound of suitable substances or molecules (ions). It is a question of the electromagnetic unsymmetry, failing or 'surplus' of the electronic shells in the atom. It has been scientifically proven (Benveniste) that it is possible to replace one substance with its electromagnetic vibration and chemical reaction still works. And this vibration can further be replaced by the corresponding sound waves. This is the prove for Homeopathy, too. Material science still disapproves the thoroughly repeated tests made by the two laboratories. It has made its own proven test with a big group of suspicious scientists and it failed as wished. It is now believed that too separate scientists have deluded.

Christosophy, 'wisdom of the Christ' or information that is included in Him. It is a concept Rudolf Steiner created about the Christ as Deity, who influenced and taught people by the man named Jesus. Christ would have taken up Jesus as a Spirit only when John the Baptiser baptised him and Jesus' public teaching period started. Pekka Ervast defines: "Jesus was a man, Christ is the Son of God, Jesus was an individual, Christ belongs to the entire mankind". So Jesus was not born virginally and there are no preselected saints, who are only ones to be saved. In the beginning theosophists visioned Jesus and Christ as one and the same person, who achieved the level of the spiritual Master, perhaps He was the greatest ever lived. Many theosophists may have currently, however, digested the main principles of the Christosophy. The teachings of Christ, also the Sermon on the Mount, must be followed in the daily life, 'live the Christ truely'. It must, however, be 'vivid', dynamic and altering mental growth. Passive Fundamentalism is far away from it.

Clear-sightedness, ~ hearness, ~ consciousness and ~ sensitivity are abilities to make observations and interpret spiritual energy accumulations, vibrations, ii-particles etc and collect informative energy emotionally by hearing, seeing and knowing. Clear sensitivity is the first to develop, clear consciousness comes last. Most of the people possessing above mentioned abilities can deal only with the astral level energies. The Enlightened masters are able to visualize mental level energy.

Coherence is wavemotion composed of only one frequency and influence, which is well scalable. Gravity is a good example of this kind of energy interaction, that is why it permiates so far away.

Condensate is compressed basic energy cell or bunch of cells. Bunch of Condensates is a tight group of condensates, which may form many orders of magnitude with lowering frequency level by level and there can exist some bunches of Thinnings, too, see Ii-particles. When the order of magnitude is getting bigger we will end up to the known Interaction and finally Elementary particles.

Conscience may be communication between Superego and human Spirit. But more often it is 'just' our own Higher Self.

Consciousness, Personality is our Ego made by the Understanding, which analyses information brought by the senses and learns to react to it in a personal way developed by the experience. All the four bodies create the frame, that includes our consciousness. First man has realities of the Everyday and Dream consciousness. When man's Spiritual consciousness level (Soul) has evolved enough, Intellect and experience are shifted to understanding, then Wisdom and finally through Enlightenment all levels are covered by the Clear consciousness.

Contemplation is Thinking concentrated in analyzing various features of an object or abstract matter. It is one form of Meditation. Pondering theories is contemplation.

Coordinates express location and time in the time space. The Earths surface coordinates are defined by latitude and longitude, time or date is calculated as years and days from the presumed time of the Jesus' birth. Clock time is calculated from the global turn around its axes in relation to the Sun. The Physical body is also its spiritual body's figure and location in the time space.

Cosmos, Universum (of Universums) contains the entire Infinity, a bit of which is the Time space or man's known cosmos. See Absolute and Perfect.

Cosmology studies creation, construction, beginning and development of the Universum, Cosmos. Astronomy can be regarded either its own separate science or a section of cosmology. Astrology used to be the same and valued astronomy, but belongs today to the Spiritual sciences, Metaphysics or inexact information.

Creativity is a combination of Imagination and Intuition = artist. Usefully creative = inventor, who needs in addition so called common sense and also a wide range of experiences is good to have. This function is located keenly in the emotional area, but it can be controlled smoothly by one's Understanding and even Intellect. Understanding brings Vertical Thinking or dimension, while Intellect is Horizontal. Creativity is an important element in the Mental growth.

Dark Substance, ~ Mass (~ Energy) is invisible and unknown substance and energy, which can be observed only by its gravity effect. It corresponds about 95 % of the calculated total mass of our known cosmos. Free baryons, Protons and Neutrons cover 3,5-4,5 %, and the visible material has only 5 to 6 per milles left from the gravity of the time space. Dark substance hold the stars of the galaxies together and dark energy is 'guilty' of continuous even accelerating expansion of our time space meaning that the share of the visible material is still fading. Expansion has been calculated to have started six billion years ago. Portion of the dark energy is now estimated to no less than 73 %, so for the dark substance has left 22 %. A part of it may be neutrongases, but unknown primary particles are suspected. Dark energy may contain unknown particles, supersymmetric, so called standardized vacuum energy, which binds inside itself unimaginable energy amounts. We can claim from the basis of the HUT-theory that the dark energy is released kinetic energy of the perfect energy, Absolute, when the disturbance called time space is expanding with the accelerating speed. Its influence is like antigravity, because it further expands the time space, when mass tends to shrink. It is most obvious that also the Inflation connected to the Big Bang was due to the strong kinetic energy, when the supersymmetry of the perfect energy was disturbed and that immense energy 'hidden' into it started to discharge. The dark substance for one is composed of the ii-particles of multiple orders of magnitude, condensates, which contain gravity, but evidently other influences, too. It has been recently scientifically suggested that the dark substance would be composed of 'atoms' with hundread protons, which are held together by the plain Weak nuclear force.

Death is physical in nature, when spirit (soul) leaves the physical body. First the Physical body is left, after some time (couple of weeks) the Life body, then the Astral body (2 to 50 years) and finally also the Mental body, which can take even 2000 human years. That time is spent working with the energies of the divergent levels to the next level and finally the part of the Superego. Death is not then eventual, but the Personality stops being an individual, when its experiences join in the Superego and will be a basis for the following incarnation of the Superego. Spiritual death is definite and can happen, if a Superego must desert totally the spirit of the human, who has become rotten to the core. The energies that kind of the spirit creates are then at most astral in nature. An ecological niche can shift so quickly, that a certain plant or animal species cannot follow and extincts. An entire civilization may lose its vitality and perishes. However, it will be replaced by something, which is more developed and better prepared for the existing circumstances. Corresponding group and community spirits evidently earn at the same time an opportunity for the resting phase and get something better after that. Planets, stars and even galaxies die or integrate into larger entities. There exist too much also unnecessary spiritual (mental) dieing. When faith is dogmatized, it's spirit is literally taken. A vivid dynamic evolving faith is regressed away and suffocates. When a philosopher formulates some matter, it is like erecting walls, so that changes and progress would not happen. The western civilizaton is an actual cradle of the mental laziness, which systematically kills all spiritual growth, men's Vertical thinking preferring Horizontal, technical application. Children's natural mental agility dies already at an early stage due to the machinery of the modern school system.

Density is mass per volume. In fact it is a number of gravitons per volume unit, if it could be counted. There is also a term weight coefficient or weightiness . See also Universe.

Determinism as Laplace's definition: "The universum functions accurately like a clock - If the state of the universum is known exactly in some moment, all the states before and after it can be unambiguously defined". It concerned as well both the biggest and smallest particles. But the quantum mechanics must resort on probabilities. Even this fails, when it is a question of Black holes, where material, evidently information and even time, too, disappear. It is a singularity, where all our known wave functions are totally failing. Energy is not disappearing, but it is transformed to another state. Energy variations can disappear, when energy is returned back to perfect.

Dimension is a degree of freedom, one coordinate, quantity or scale in a universe. Remark that dimension is often used to mean a universe. I have engaged the universe to mean an isolated time - space section (one of the spiritual realm's different frequency ranges).

DNA, Deoxyribonucleic acid, is the 'installation' code for the organic life form. This long molecule chain is formed of circa 3 billion groups of the three alkalis. The different sections define so called genes, which will bring to an organism the characteristics it has inherited from the parents. Epigenetics studies activation of the genes, a part of them stay latent. A man has only 30 000 active genes. It has been observed very quick changes of the genotype, even some distinct experiences of the parents can devolve immediately into the newborn baby. How is this possible, one does not know, but the HUT-theory explains it quite nicely: Genes or other DNA's series and molecules include the specific vibrations in the astral level and inside atoms there exist the mental and upper vibrations. These are like memories of even rather small issues and environmental circumstances, which are transferred to the posterity by the influences of the ii-particles.

Dream Consciousness is information handling that happens in the Astral body. When sleeping it is for the most of us uncontrollable dreaming or expressions of the specially strong feelings. Mentally developed man can learn to control his dreams, see also Emotional intellect.

Dream World, Dream Reality. Dream is much more than just a video tape randomly chosen by our imagination; it is a Virtual world, manifestation or creation born in our own spirit. We can excercise or test our own thoughts, where they can lead, in our own private realm. It also contains footages of the intensive events, when our subconscious is arranging energy accumulations born from our experiences. We can learn to control our dreams wilfully for instance by Meditation.

Dualism means that electromagnetic waves transport energy both with the wave and particle form. The problem arises when approaching the smallest possible energy difference, an order of magnitude of one quantum. It is observed, that energy is coming across with the leaps of one quantum or its multiples. Wavelikeness has been explained to be due to a cloud of the smaller particles preceding a particle transporting the energy of one quantum (a spherical surface surrounding the bigger particle). An obvious explanation for this would be that the bigger particle is radiating around it still much smaller particles, which cannot be directly observed. Actually one macro particle could be entirely formed of the front of the smaller particles, a spherical bunch of condensates. That would ‘fuse’ the particles each transporting one quantum sized energy so that the borders are vanishing, but the particle nature would manifest itself over and over again in the certain phases of the wavefront. Compare to the condensates and the bunches of condensates of the ii-particles.

Ego, The Self, I is the human personal, mind, lowest I. Some say it negative ego, because when it controls human life, man becomes very negative being. Frequently it happens already during teen age that ego remains in control. Higher I or mental consciousness is then developing slowly, and also empathy stays in the low level of a young human. See also Mind and Everyday Consciousness. Esoteric philosophy teaches that there dwells two egos inside one man, mortal or personal and divine or impersonal. persoonaton. The former is called 'personality' and latter 'individuality'. For us the latter is accordingly with the oriental philosophy Superego or Oversoul. The Urantia-book speaks about the Thought Adjuster, Theosophy sometimes the Thinker. I prefer using more descriptive way of classifying human consciousness into three categories: 1. Everyday Consciousness, secular and mortal personality and our Understanding, 2. Mental Consciousness, Soul and potentially immortal Spirit and our aspired Wisdom, 3. Divine Consciousness, immortal Oversoul and our goal Enlightenment. See the wider scheme in the term Mind.

Electric Charge is a characteristics of the certain kind of unsymmetric particles, Ionization. It erects repulsion force between particles, if the charges are like-signed, and pulling force, if the charges are of the different sign. Electron is the most important negatively (definition) charged Lepton and Proton, which is a Hydrogen ion formed of the three Quarks, is the most important positively charged particle.

Electromagnetic Field is a strongly biased and ionized area transmitting electromagnetic energy of the Interaction particles Electron and Photon (possibly Magnetism is transmitted also by some unknown ii-particle). It can be separated into two components, Electric field transmitted by electrons and Magnetic field possibly transmitted by photons. Both are dipolar, but the poles of the electric field are situated clearly where the negative or positive Electric charge is situated and one of them can be even missing (or it is thought to be located in the infinity), but the poles of the magnetic field can reside even in the vacuum and they can be located very close to each others. The Life body is built up mainly of the electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic Force is the second strongest of the four basic forces and it affects to the particles carrying Electric charge. It attenuates to the power of three or it is a local force and transmitted by big-sized Interaction particles. Electrons and actually also Protons transmit the electric component. Evidently the Photons with missing 'light quantum', transmit Magnetism, but there could be involved some unknown ii-particle, too.

Electron is a primary particle, lepton, orbiting the nucleus of the atom. It has a ‘negative’ electric charge, because the charge of the nucleus has been defined positive. It is at this moment the most meaningful massparticle that cannot be divided. Besides being an important building block for atoms and molecules, it is itself a basis of the electric forces and I would claim the most important particle of our entire material world. The Urantia-book divides it more into one hundred Ultimatons at least 10 different ways depending on the order of ultimatons in relation to their direction of rotation. It is also a regulator of so called acidity or sourness, The surplus of electrons causes alkalic, less sour and in that respect more positive direction, see pH-value. It is obviously also the basic building block of the Life boby and an indicator of the Positivity of the human mind.

Elementary Particle, Primary ~ is the smallest material particle, which is probably not possible to be divided anymore, except energy quanta or ii-particles and which hangs together longer than the condensates of the vibrations that have got it born. It is typical for them that they propagate always close to the speed of light , though they have a small mass. Quarks and Leptons (e.g. electron) are the smallest known ~ . See Interaction particles and Ultimaton.

Emotion, Feeling is uncontrollable consciousness, unconscious attitude and unlogic analyzation. It is typical action of the Astral body, also called Emotional body. See Mind and Emotional intellect.

Emotional Intellect has been defined in the working life a skill of the chief or also employee to understand the human relations in the work community and utilize it for the company or oneself. Besides in the work community emotional intellect is useful for all the human relations and in general to interpret, understand and control emotions or emotional level (astral) vibrations. It is a combination of common sense, feelings and some Wisdom or evenly everything and that is why very intended skill. We can talk about astral-mental realization. Mental Intellect is still more, it is wisdom.

Empathy is an ability to place oneself to another's position and give sympathy. It starts to develop only at the teen age, when the mental evolution has got going normally. Teen agers can due to weak empathy make quite gruesome deeds. If a youth doesn't get enough love, he/she cannot either learn to love and empathy is not evolving. This kind of the person can become as an adult 'remorseless' criminal.

Energy is fundamentally unknown element. Einstein with his relativity theory defined relationship Energy = Mass times the Speed of light times the Speed of light (E=mc2). According to this formula mass (material) can be transformed to energy, but also energy can be transformed to mass. Further more we know four basic forces, strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity, of which three transmitting particles are known, but gravity's graviton haven't been able to observe as a particle. It is still easy to understand the kinetic energy, a speed of changing the position of one particle in relation to others. Force is a quantity related to the change of velocity (acceleration). Additionally we know the thermal energy, which is much more difficult case. It is internal so called thermal movement of the material, in fact it is vibration of material particles in relation to each others. There is a Law of Perdurability of energy (substance), it is 'eternal' and it cannot be created, only transformed from one state to another. There is also a law of even distribution, see Entropy. The energy for our science when thinking more deeply is only energy variations, relative shifting of time and space. When the energy differences disappear, the whole energy is thought to vanish. Because energy cannot be lost, those energy deviations should be eternal, too. This cannot be true, because all the energy of the time space was 'created' by the Big Bang. Which has a beginning, it can also have an end. We need one more state for the energy, that is from which the energy variants can be born and where they return when the difference has been softened off. That is the Perfect energy.

Energy Accumulation is a unified energy formation with its own specific vibrations and influences. If it possesses a consciousness, it is called a Spirit. Occultists call the spirits of the nature, which are energy accumulations (astral) evolved in the four basic elements, land, air, fire and water, Elementals. Depraved souls liberated from the physical body, which have missed their possibility to immortality, are called Elementars.

Energy Cell is along with the frequency variable sized, the smallest possible independent and compact basic energy unit. It contains Perfect energy. Till the certain frequency, maybe something like 1020 Hz, that unit is getting smaller, but with the higher frequencies it starts to enlarge, the portion of the perfect energy is growing so that when the frequency approaches infinity, also the size of the unit is coming up to the scale of the time space.

Enlightenment is the highest possible spiritual level the man can reach during his lifetime. It is the next step after having Wisdom and means at least the fusion of the Soul and Personality (fullfillment of the Soulplan) to become immortal.

Ennobling, Refinement is to increase harmony of energy vibrations, particles, even material or human being. Energy variations tend naturally to balance, but this process can be speeded up by many divergent means. It is natural refinement for material when building up more complex forms, returning towards the perfect energy. Organisms and man as its peak, can be regarded as belonging to the ennobling chain, born in the suitable circumstances and it further functionally speeding up factor.

Entanglement is a quantum theory phenomenon regarded mystic, in which photons having the same history are connected to each others so that if the spin direction of one of them is changed, others' spins are changed immediately correspondingly. This can be explained so that the photons belong to the same wavefront or radiation field, which interacts info on the change. These interactors can be regarded as one order of magnitude smaller ii-particles. The influence field they create can be looked for one to resemble magnetic field, its influence just manifests itself in a finer energylevel, which for now can be observed as deflection of spin.

Entelechy is a universal force, which makes everything to evolve towards perfect. It is regarded as a 'primary cause' for God. Already Aristoteles presented this principle. It is striving of the Absolute back to undisturbed symmetry and harmony. But more plausibly God was before Absolute and created its potential.

Entropy is the law (meter) of perdurability (state) of substance (energy) and also the II law, which says that energy is tended to be distributed evenly in the disposable volume, which means it increases juxtapose with 'disorder'. HUT-theory sees it on the contrary as increasing harmony and symmetry, so it is getting perfect and better order.

Ether is a physical auxiliary term, which symbolizes media, which relays energy or influences by the basic particles. Modern physics (Einstein) has rejected existence of the uniform ether or according to the relativity theory a static ether is oxymoron. But why could it not be dynamic? The 'rubber bands' of the String theory would be this kind of an ether composed of the basic energy cells. This matches with the description of the HUT-theory for the medium built up from the perfect energy (free from energy variations), which is condensated into the ii-particles by the disharmony and the chaos creates material particles out of them. Occultic science has selected an ether formed of the finer energy as one has gone along to understand this matter. First it was some kind of the vital energy, that is why the Life body is still called etheric. When the Astral light was discovered, it became an ether, then it was built up from the mental molecules and now it is suspected to be in the level of Acasian (Causal or higher), where reside the Universal Memory (0-field) and perhaps also the Universal Mind (the Holy Spirit). The Urantia-book places as an ether the continuous flow of the ultimatons, which are radiated from Havona and which is comparable to the shedding of the Love of God.

Everyday Consciousness is the common sector of our consciousness. It is created by the Intellect and Emotions, Physical, Life and Astral bodies to analyze and utilize information collected by the senses and memory data in a personal way developed by the experience, see Understanding. Many think that it is our only possible consciousness. Compare Mind, Personality and Soul.

Evilness is the result of the chaotic disharmony, negative energies, which disperse, even destroy and wear harmonic, good or positive and constructive energies. Due to the disharmony their ’cooperation’ is casual and that is why their power stays relatively small and on the lower energy (frequency) levels. The Astral zone is nevertheless full of these accumulations born of also men's bad or wrong (not all on purpose) deeds and thoughts, which ’demand’ suitable energy to be eliminated, see Karma. People, whose mental energies are weak, cannot compensate these bad energy accumulations or to protect themselves from these, when one comes across, but it is able to and stay teasing the weak individual, who is for instance an alcoholist or user of drugs and so lost his own mental energies. Old people call these Devil, Demon, which hits the target quite precisely. See Insanity and Schizophrenia.

Evil Spirit, Demon used to mean actual devils. When a man behaved insanely, it was connected to the Spiritual realm and its evil spirits. Now we talk about mental disturbances, which are illnesses and due to the various disorders of the metabolism. Schizophrenia are said to be due to the multiple personality, which are created by the man himself and not from somewhere else squatted evil spirits. In the light of the HUT-theory we can talk about the spiritual energy composites, which have no consciousness and which influence on their surroundings according to their energy contents. Theosophists say, that after man's death his soul separates from the astral (and life) body. The remaining 'peelings' can have for some time various influences. The corrupted human spirits, who have lost immortality affect also for some time after their death 'radiating' more or less negative energy to their environment. See Energy accumulation. If the living man's own positive energies are almost zero, he has no protection against the influences of these immoral spirits, also called Elementaries and he can fall a victim to their power. See Insanity and Schizophrenia.

Faith is individual relationship to God (Superego) and life, self-made philosophy of the Universum, where the supreme values are survived. The Christian faith includes essentially also the faith in the Christ as a Son of God and atoner of our sins. Everyone believes in something depending on the spiritual growth. Sound doubting belongs to the faith, otherwise our evaluation ability does not develop and the goal stays too low. Faith should always include also intellectual actions, Pekka Ervast says that the faith is awakening of the man's will to seek for the Truth; it is a spiritual power and vision, which cannot include any doctrine. To accept the dogmas of the Church is religional faith, which does not include intellectual stirring, but emotional experience, which does not allow changes, encounter has proven this. So it is not a genuine vivid faith. Luther said, that the living faith is faith in the God's Love and sin is imperfect, which does not itself separate us from God, but unbelief. The correct faith must be such that it makes us to strive towards the Perfect and it makes us as harmonious and happy as possible. God's Love pulls us towards the Perfect, so that the Love and faith must be equal. The definition of the New Testament, which is often referred to, is in the 11th chapter of the Hebrew letter. The new translation (in Finnish) says it quite well: "Faith is its reality, which is hoped for, its visualization, which is not seen". The old translation in Finnish used to be: "Faith is a firm trust in what is hoped for, conviction of the matters, which are not seen". Pekka Ervast's word-for-word translation is: "Faith is a hypostas (of the matters), a proof of the invisible deeds". According to him it is a question of that the wishes of the people come true, when the faith is strong and invisible spiritual goes always before the visible.

Fear is a consequence of a poor self-respect, which follows from a weak mental energy level. Fears can variate according to our Understanding, but they basically originate from the subconscious. They can be born from the traumatic experiences of the childhood, frightening of the close people (parents say often to their children that do not go there, it is dark there) and even the sad experiences (birthgift) of the previous lives. Fear is the Karma's 'tool' and the teaching aid of the mental growth. When we are afraid of something to happen to us, we create spiritual energy, which as if invites, pulls more of the same kind of energy (negative willpower). Finally it grows so strong that it will enforce the event we were afraid of. A strong self-respect, good mental energy level and trust in the guidance of the higher power win the fears. See Schizophrenia and Willpower.

Feng Shui is a Chinese principle to prepare all objects, houses, furnitures, etc as harmonic and beautiful as possible, very often using rounded forms and tuneful colours. In addition one of the main 'laws' of Feng Shui is: ”A thought precedes energy, which is independable of time and location without beginning or end. It is self directive, eliminating obstacles and smooths contrasts” (this sounds like returning to the harmonic state or ennobling).

Field (Energy ~) is wavemotion holding still and extending through the entire time space transmitted by the suitable interaction particles, whereas individual particle is at a certain moment in a certain location moving in line. Electromagnetic fields attenuate to the power of three, whereas gravity field squared of the distance.

Fiton is a virtual particle anticipated by the Information field theory, see ii-particle.

Flow-state is a condition, when for instance a distance-runner is able to continue abnormally well or an orienteerer finds the control points extremely fluently. It is due to the good harmony and team work of the human bodies, physical and spiritual. If some tools are needed, their good control is also a prerequisite for success. The player must also have a necessary self-esteem, but not at all presumptuousness. Orienteerer have to get a good alliance with the terrain and Elementals must not be displeased either. A group of people can also get to this state, where the results exceed the sum of the participating members individually, see Teamwork. A whole team can find a flow-state, when it becomes unbeatable. Seldom the opponent gets the same kind of the flow-state at the same time, because one's flow paralyses another. It is enough to suppress the flow, if even one member is wobbling. Individual member can find its own flow-state and it will spur the others.

Foam is as a cosmological term continuous complicated and microscopic modification of energy and 'quantum leap' in the time space.

Force Particle, see Interaction particle.

Frame Story, Parable, Metaphor is to put into words difficult abstract issues using concepts of the common life experience. Associations in a frame story are clear and well known, which can be adopted accordingly to understand difficult abstracts. For instance the purpose of life can be described with mountain climbing. Theories are scientific frame stories.

Frequency, Pace, Rate is the number of the energy vibrations or -waves per time unit (second). Together with the wave length they formulate the same kind of the dependent quantity pair like Time and Volume (Space). The higher universes of the Spiritual realm are just based on the frequency and time - volume pair is nonlinear.

Fundamentalist believes in the Bible (or Koran or the book of Mormons etc) kirjan yms.) that every word of it is true, God's revelation and interprets it in the way the selected authorities have approven. It is typical to the sects of the extreme faithful, who are poor to tolerate other interpretations. In addition to the instructions of the faith and life they want to apply the Word to the science, too. There exist also among the scientists fundamentalists, who are fighting for the 'pure' materialistic science against the heretical phenomenon of the Spiritual realm, see Sceptic. Fundamentalism rejects totally the mental evolution, that is to say the main task of the life, to ennoble energy by thinking and making own choices. It is like deserting the God's Love, because that is what indeed urges us to gradually grow as perfect as He is. It is the worst possible laziness. It is complying the dead letter, buried in the static muddy waters, rejecting all the dynamic, living faith and internal discussion with the Superego. What about obeying the Word of the Bible, rules of the Sermon on the Mount or the law of Moses? No way, the Grace of God is taken as a hobby-horse. Nobody can obey the Word exactly, but all of us must depend on the Grace. That must be also received as passively as possible, otherwise it is a deadly sin. One and only mental effort that is accepted by the fundamentalist, is to defend one's own ossified opinion and threats of the dissenters. Mainly only the latter, because others must defend themselves, the fundamentalist is on a strong track, because God is in his/her side.

Fundamental Universum, Grand ~ is a center of the Perfect, where all energy is in the form of the perfect energy. When looking from the time space, It is energy which oscillates with unlimited strength and infinite frequency. It prevails all the time everywhere and extends largely beyond the Time space including the Spiritual realm. In fact It looks like a large emptiness, because there exists no energy differences or variations, which is the basis for the existence of the time space. See Triune God.

Fusion (Nuclear ~) is the reaction joining atom nuclei to a bigger atom. Energy of the Sun is mainly rooted from the fusion of the Hydrogen atoms into the Helium ones. In the larger stars the heavier elements are born. This kind of energy is polluteless and that is why the man has already long time tried to make a reactor, which could handle fusion in a controlled way, but still many technical problems involved are waiting for their solutions. Fission is the reversed reaction, where heavy atoms, like Uranium, are split. Nuclear power plants are fission reactors, of which the problem waste is the radioactive material, which radiates mortally even thousands of years. Also a spirit can fuse with another spirit, like human spirit with the Superego.

Galaxy is a uniform group of stars (even millions) close together rotating its own core, the Black hole (one round can take millions of years). Our own galaxy is called the Milky Way, which is one of the so called supergalaxies with billions of stars. The mass of its central Black hole is hundreads of millions masses of the Sun. Yet plenty of Dark substance and energy is needed additionally, so that it would hang together. One supergalaxy attracts the close by smaller groups of stars. It has been even observed that another supergalaxy, Andromeda is approaching us so that the huge collision is inevitable in a couple of billions of years.

Gamma Rays, Radioactivity, is high frequency radiation with the smallest wave length of the electromagnetic spektrum, which emerges from the impacts of the nuclei of atoms (and in general primary particles) and when the nuclei are split. The black hole Musta aukko emits abundantly gamma rays. Radioactive materials are radiating just these organisms damaging alfa-particles having two protons and two neutrons together.

Genius means that analytical Mind or Intellect is transcendent in the man. Geniuses find early that they are above others in that respect and they are admired and honored by the weaker ones. It is natural that they start to apply their intellect to their whole life. Due to this geniuses they often grow emotionally poor. They easily forget also the development of the Understanding/Wisdom or higher mental self, which makes them often malcontent and dispirited.

Gluon is one of the interaction particles transmitting the strong nuclear force, so called glue particle.

God is something so perfect and grand, which we cannot understand. It can be fairly asked, how a theory of physics or cosmology can even attempt to deduce something about God. The very basis of HUT says that everything originate from the Perfect or Absolute and one can make many conclusions about that. Though a man is imperfect, God must still be perfect. Because the Time space is imperfect, God, its Creator must be bigger. If God is in every respect perfect, the time space cannot even be a part of Him. He surely affects and is present in the time space by the Spirits He has created. His strength must be so strong that it would immediately force material back to perfect. The spirits that operate in the divergent levels possess just fitting power in their own level and the Hierarchy of spirits guarantee obedient connection to God. Who is then the greatest Spirit of the time space? He can be naturally called the Son of God, who is evolving to the Perfect. Various religions have named God or actually gods those lower level spirits, even natural forces, Sun etc. Hindus have 330 million gods and they include the above mentioned and in addition those that the Christians call Saints. Everyone is as correct, it is only a question of how far towards the most Perfect we dare to think. The Perfect can include still even many Gods, who have their own hierarchy, but this we indeed cannot know anything about. See Triune God.

Goodness is positive energy produced by a good harmony. The higher (frequency) energy, the more it contains goodness. Perfect energy or the God's Love is absolutic goodness.

Grace (of God) is God's Love absorbed with gratitude by a humble mind, which makes it possible to the human soul to evolve or become 'ennobled' to a higher spiritual level. Individual acknowledges one's divine 'I' and understands the purpose of life as an deliverer of that Love. He/she apologies his/her wrongdoings and forgives those, who have done wrong to him/her. This great truth Jesus came to teach us showing how it is completed by His own hard experience of being a victim of wrongdoings. The grace is the main dogma of Christianity and it has been 'larded' by a fact that Jesus had redeemed 'atonement' for those, who believe in Him. The Crucifixion as a sacrifice for the loving Heavenly Father cannot be true. Whoever of us can take and carry one's neighbour's (mental) burdens. Forgiveness as a fundamental for having the Grace has been readily forgotten and it has unfortunately superseded still greater truth: "All influences on everything and all of us belong in some level to the same boat". One-sidedness has then led Christians to an incredible selfishness, spiritual narrow-mindedness and the born of the western capitalism or the cult of the mammon. Receiving the Grace is thought by the puritans to totally replace the man's need for the mental growth, all the mental actions and evolution is even stigmatized pernicious for the man, emphasizing one's own merits, which should be avoided like a mortal sin. The Bible is regarded as the God's word hammered in the stone, which must not be criticized or deviated by a single mark, except the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, which no one can follow, but Jesus has already atoned all the sins. Some have gone so far that they are seriously waiting God to bring His Kingdom to the man on the Earth. The Urantia-book says clearly that when a man puts the God's will ahead of his own, the God's gift, a piece of Himself or the Superego, gets an 'authority' to build up the man's soul immortal. In any case the Grace is a remarkable comfort for a weak sinful mind, whose lifetime is coming to an end.

Grand (Great) Unified Theory, GUT returns all basic forces into one and only type of energy. The current GUT can join the weak and strong nuclear forces with the electromagnetic forces, but still greater theory is needed to integrate also the fourth basic force, gravity. The HUT theory described in this book is philosofic, interesting and at least partly very possible solution. It does explain more deeply than any other theory both material and spiritual phenomenon. See Kinetic energy.

Grand Universum, see Fundamental Universum.

Graviton is an ii-particle transmitting Gravity or mass influence. It is still unknown to our science, besides its influence, which is the most meaningful in the whole materialistic world and also Spiritual realm. Compared to the better known Interaction particles, Bosons, Gluons or Photons, graviton's force in the size of an atom is many orders of magnitude smaller. For its high frequency and fast velocity that it could build up even a wavefront sizing the whole time space and influencing a static gravity field. Respectively it scales effectively or its force in the remote distances gets many orders of magnitude greater than the known interaction particles and it attenuates slowly. Its form then must be distinctly more symmetric (Spin = 2). See also Higg's boson.

Gravity is a specification of Mass (Material), 'dead weight' when it 'emits Gravitons'. It is, however, a static tension of the dynamic medium surrounding condensates. We talk about the gravity waves, which stay constant (standing) throughout the entire time space or fast propagating and in a moment leveling off when a sudden mass changes occur. Their velocity may be at least the typical speed of the Information field and frequency >1030 Hz. Also so called Dark substance has an influence like mass, but its other characteristics are not known. The Urantia-book talks about three form of gravity: local or linear, mind- and spiritual gravity. Linear refers to the matter of the plain pure thinned area of the basic medium surrounding a condensate, which aims to condense this way attracting other condensates. Mind- and spiritual gravities would be centrally planned (outward from Havona) emition or simple extended vibration, mind gravity in the astral frequency lower than spiritual gravity being mental level.

Group Soul, ~ Spirit is the common mental body of the plant family or animal species. It corresponds man's spiritual body, but extends much wider, because it contains all the astral bodies of that species. It is in the same way developing Soul, above whom exist a Superego. When an animal species dies out, its group soul gets free from the physical world just as the man's soul gets to 'rest' before the following incarnation.

Harmonic Universum is the universal vision, which this book introduces. It is Harmonic Universum Theory, HUT, which aims at explaining all the phenomenon and construction of the time space. It also explains the basic or perfect energy, which forms an omnicovering media to support all the necessary variations of the time space. That media strives to return to its balanced state, harmony or eliminate the energy variations. It is a force, which affects at everything, material is refined to more complex shape, united and finally spiritualized. Material primary particles are produced by the maximal chaos. Atoms, molecules and materials are already a part of the returning process. Organisms, the man as a top, are the maximal material refinement in the favourable circumstances. The spiritual energy is an intermediate state, which further continues ennobling process till back to the perfect. The final result is the perfect Son of God size of the entire time space, whose 'cells' we are, too. The whole gamut of the life and human activities are having the sound framework and all the phenomenon as well visible as invisible are getting understandable. HUT is factually the Theory Of Everything, briefly TOE.

Harmonious (level), Harmony (harmonically, harmoniously, homogeneous, consistent, well-proportioned, balanced, uniform, symmetric) is the same way directed energy forces from the smallest ii-particles all the way till the macrocosmos. The larger harmony, the stronger and more perfect entity, the same influence on all the directions. In this case also the specific frequency starts to get higher than the participating vibrations. The difference between good, positive and bad, negative energy is its harmony. How harmonic effect energy has and at how wide area. Harmony is relative depending on how much it deviates from the surroundings. Even bad harmony can affect positively, if its environment is in bad Disharmony. The strong disharmony is Chaos. The perfect harmony equals to the Perfect, Absolute and Reality.

Havona Havona is the home of God proclaimed by the Urantia-book, invisible large centre, round which all the material of the time space is rotating. It is built up of a capital planet, which has at least a thousand satellites habited by the high spirits. They are surrounded by a large zone of the material particles and the Dark energy, which cover the inner parts fully invisible. Quite recently astronoms have found a big empty space with the diameter of about billion light years close to the constellation of Orion.

Hell, Underworld, Abode of the Dead is a place, where the souls of the bad people are supposed to get 'scorched' in a fiery furnace. This is characteristic as well to the Christianity as paganity. The doctrine of the Reincarnation gives an option, Karma's law orders a new life for the soul of the bad person. There he has to atone in a suitable way the wrongdoings of his earlier lives. Man can be born also as an animal. Correspondingly a soul of the man lived well gets a better new life. If a man falls really bad, the Superego abandons this completely and it will become after death for some time just an unconscious 'shell' of the astral energy. Fire frees astral energy bound in the material. The heat of the stars, like the Sun 'zeros' also the internal vibrations of the atom.

Hierarchy of Spirits means that all material, organisms and entities have a spirit and beyond that spirit is a higher spirit etc. Plants possess species, animals group, man individual and combinations community spirits. At least above man's mental spirit exist a Superego, and above it still higher one, occultists call it Monad etc. Every spirit has under its 'protection' or control many lower level 'beings' just like under an umbrella. Does a man's Superego have only one mental spirit at a time? Human spirit (soul or mental consciousness) need a physical body for its development. The physical body of the various spirits can be one atom, organism, material piece, stone, rock and so on, landscape entity, mountain, lake, river, valley, village etc, whole planet, star, galaxy and the entire time space. Higher spirits (without form) appear as 'free' high frequency vibrations covering the whole time space and having many 'zones' of the perfect energy. The Sons of God and probably Superegos are this kind of great Spirits. The organization of the spirits stated in the Urantia-book might well be real. The highest Spirit in the whole time space is our one and only God or Lord, but I belief it is one and only Son of God, who has been created by God from the all-embracing Absolute. This is the Holy Trinity.

Higg’s Boson is the basic particle that fuses all the four known forces, which has been ’hunted’ for a long time in vain. It is probably the same as Graviton and it could explain the huge amount of the Dark mass and energy in the space.

Holistic means omnipotential, all covering or regarding, as widely as possible.

Holistic Science, Mental or Spiritual Science or as many prefer only Mental or Spiritual Knowledge is a name for all those trials that aim to explain phenomenon of the Spiritual realm philosophically or more or less with the scientific methods. My writings are just holistics, though I rather use a word harmonic. See Metaphysics.

Holistic Universe is David Bohm’s theory, which is quite close to the HUT-theory of this book.

(The) Holy Spirit, Universal Mind is the most evidently a 'Mother' spirit of our local universum, Father being one of the 10 000 Son of God. Christ is regarded as one of these Sons of God and so He could send the powers of His 'Consort' for our assistance. When it is said Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, it is meant just locally Triune Deity.

Homeopathy is a medical method, where the effecting substance is watered so much that there exist no molecules at all. The water has only the vibrations left of this substance. They affect like the substance itself, but the drawbacks of the molecular level have been eliminated.

HUT, Harmonic Universum Theoryis the Theory of Everything, TOE, which is based on the Harmonic Vision created in this book.

Idea is an interesting finding, thought or insight. Platon's idea or form means a common original model or thought of God of individuals, which is the unique real essence behind all the objects and concepts, so every one has its own. Other pieces of the object are just quasi versions of that original idea. Philosophers dispute if all the concepts has an idea. To me Platon's idea is the spiritual energy accumulation, which every object and concept indeed possess and it can be a thought of God or also a creation of a lower spirit. Also man can create ideas and though somebody would have already earlier created them, a new energy accumulation is born, and it will reinforce original thought or idea.

Ii-particles, Information or Influence particles are formed of the Condensates and/or Thinnings of energy vibrations and they momentarily look like a real particle. However, in pace of vibration one condensate is shifted to thinning and a new condensate is alongside. Inside a big volume there is continuously the same amount of condensates and thinnings creating many orders of magnitudes larger Bunches of condensates and/or Bunches of thinnings as long as vibration updates them. They are so minor 'particles' that they lack even a momentary mass (they may possess gravity influence), therefore they exist beyond material time space, invisible or 'dark' energy (substance), but depending on the nature of these condensates their information or influence is spreading in the time space with even a speed of billion times the speed of light. The biggest ii-particles can compose electromagnetic waves, like light, but the photons emitting light belong to the visible time space or just to the 'port' of the Spiritul realm. See Interaction particles.

Imagination is a splendid free compination of human mind and thought, which makes it possible to invent new ideas and even raising one's spiritual level. It is subconscious interpretation of spiritual energy, mental visualization, which utilizes man's experience warehouse even from many lifetimes. It has also an entry to the common experience energies of the entire mankind drawing from there powerful information according to the mind's openness and ability to utilize it. Compare Intuition.

Incarnation is the born of a spirit to a citizen of the time space. Usually it is a question of the physical or secular adventure for a personality created by the Superego. It is possible for a higher spirit to incarnate also in the different levels of the Spiritual realm.

Incident is an absolute or relative coordinate point of the influence or a group of influences in the time space defined by the time and location. All incidents create ii-particles, which inform on the incident to every corner of the time space and join in the total energy of the Cosmos.

Infinite, Infinity (spaceless, limitless, endless) is the Universum continuing outside all measurable and observable. See Absolute.

Inflation is the name for the event in the rather beginning of the Big Bang, about between 10-35 - 10-33 seconds that caused the expansion to occur faster than the speed of light. It has been recently claimed that this event was due to the particles of the Dark substance, so called Inflatons, which travel faster than the light. At the same time it shaped condensates and thinnings, which later gave birth to mass condensates due to gravity and then galaxies and stars. Inflation and its duration defined quite far the structure of the time space and amount of material. It is also regarded 'guilty' of the current accelerating expansion of the space. All this could have been calculated from the measurements of so called Background radiation. It is nowadays movement of photons in the microwave range, originally orange light.

Influence Particle, see Ii-particle.

Information Field, Torsion ~, T-~ is a main part of a new theory of physics, which for instance presents that information or dataparticle, fiton, moves in the information field with a speed of billion times the speed of light.

Information Particle, Data ~, see Fiton and Ii-particle.

Insanity is a consequence of a man's ineptitude to manage spiritual energy. Troublesome matters summon Negative energy, and this man has no means to obtain enough Positive energy. Gradually negative forces take over man's Mind, see Schizophrenia. Alcohol and drugs lower man's capability to deal with the spiritual energy.

Intellect is Reason + Memory. Intelligence Quotient, like it is defined today as a 'cleverness test', tells about the quality of reason, but nothing about Understanding, much less Wisdom, which asks for mental intellect. See also Genius.

Interaction Particle, Coupling ~ is a big Ii-particle, which interacts energies (influences) of the various Basic forces. Photon, Gluon and Boson are typical particles of this type by existing distinctly Dualistic, sometimes like a real mass particle and sometimes being unobservable partition of the wavefront like an ii-particle. Graviton is clearly 'smaller' than the former ones and the interaction type is different as we know about Gravity compared to the Photon transmitting Electromagnetism. Primary particles like Quarks and Leptons (eg electron) can act as interaction particles, also known as the Transmitter, Agent or Force particles.

Intuition is instinctive, unconscious thinking or action. Theosophy thinks it is guidance of the Superego in the same way as the instinct is the guidance of their group spirit based on the experience.

Ion is ionized particle or material due to its inner disharmony. Its environmental influence by the specific vibrations happen unsymmetrically or lopsidedly. We can say that almost every influence here in the imperfectness manifests corresponding unsymmetry and they can be called in some respect ions. An entire man can be an ion of some feature, which seeks for a counter pair to find a balance. Physics uses the term only for the electrically charged particles, atoms or molecules. Surplus of electrons means a negative charge, in the Holistic science it is positive energy. See Positiveness and PH-value.

Ionization is charging by positive or negative energy of a particle, material or even a human being. Ionization occurs in many levels, unsymmetry of ii-particles is different to various directions and frequencies. Symmetry of the primary particles is figured using spin-value, which could be expanded partly also to ii-particles. Electron, atom and molecule are charged electrically. Amount of harmony decreases unsymmetry and so the ionization is diminished. All human features are due to unsymmetry of the various influences, complex combinations of the specific frequencies.

Jesus is no doubt the highest Spirit, who has incarnated on the planet Earth. The Urantia-book tells about the Son of God (and Angel Michael), who is the supreme sovereign of this part of the space having altogether about 10 000 habited planets. Altogether there would exist the same number, about 10 000 Sons of God in the entire time space. He was supposed to incarnate on the seven different levels lower than Himself, of which this physical was the lowest, most difficult and so the last one. Only after this He gained the sovereignity. Christianity has given a very special meaning for the life or actually death of Jesus. He is our Saviour from our sins, see Grace, a sacrifice, asked by the God's rightness, so that HE could receive us in the Heaven. This kind of insist for a sacrifice seems very poorly to fit for the loving Heavenly Father. Hardly this was HIS genuine demand, but Jesus was apparently acting as a 'last' victim, which made it possible to get rid of these pagan sacrifices in the history of the mankind. This has succeeded quite well, too. Besides it is important to notice that Jesus left us a bank account of the good energy, from which we can borrow compensation for the law of Karma and pay back there with interests, when we have overcome our problems.

Justice is a value parallel to the Truth and divine Love, which all people hope for. Our imperfect existence can contain only relative truth and justice. For occultists the law of Karma tries to balance injustices during many incarnations. The Christianity believes that God's Grace includes compensation of as well sins as injustices, whereas occultists regard it wrong.

Karma is the law of fate or cause and effect. What you do to others, that you will get back with interests as well with good as bad. The tooth from tooth, eye from eye or a mite from mite and a piece of bread from piece of bread etc. The debt of Karma can follow us very long time, even many reincarnations as long as it has been fulfilled. It is impossible to escape, but Jesus taught that with a good deed we can compensate bad karma. It pays to remember, that giving thank, apologizing and forgiving are splendid good deeds, likewise a sincere unselfish prayer. On the other hand if we have something to apologize or forgive and we do not do it, we will gain bad energy upon us, which at worst can cause insanity, see Schizophrenia.

Kinetic energy is the basic energy type of the time space. The Perfect energy is free from time and space or it moves all the time with the infinite velocity reaching everywhere. When it changes to imperfect or 'falls' down to the 'realm' of time and space, it loses its speed and its infinite kinetic energy is shifted to various force influences when energy is condensed. The smallest and finest forms are born first. Graviton represents clearly the finest force we know or Gravity, it has not been even observed by its particles. Then follow the Weak and Strong nuclear force, Transmitter particles of which, Bosons and Gluons, have been recognized. Electromagnetic force is transmitted by Photons, actually its magnetic component and the electricity itself by Electrons and Protons and their composites, which include also Neutrons, like Gamma-particles and all kinds of ions. All the mass particles are giving birth with their collisions the coarsest known energy forms, which we call Heat and Pressure. Everything is so just the separate transformations of the kinetic energy. Returning back to the perfect energy must also in this way go through by increasing kinetic energy towards infinity. This process is represented by the Black holes.

Leptons are primary particles, which possess electric charge. Electron is the most important representative of this group of six particles.

Life is the fastest possible sophistication or spiritualization of the material in the favourable circumstances. Internal vibrations of the atoms compel little by little molecules to unite into more and more complex entities. In the hard circumstances of the space can be developed only microlevel organisms. In the shelter of the planet's gaseous circle it is possible to get farther, in a possible liquid environment still further. The specific vibration of the developing molecules is spreading around like trumpeting a message - assume you too this more advanced state. The water functions quite well as a memory and distributor of rather complex vibrations. The born of the really complicated organisms provides more developed code, which remembers and can transfer a big amount of detailed information accurately. This kind of the long chained alkalic series is DNA. It has plausibly also evolved a long way in some early favourable planet. Later born planets, like our Earth, can have received it directly transported by the spirits for speeding up the evolution. All the evolution of the organisms is at the strict, 'intelligent' control of the spirits via the influences of the various level vibrations. In our human time scale it just seems to be so slow, that the whole evolution of the species could be just a result of the happenstances and hard rivalry of the capability of surviving, like the Darwin's evolution theory suggests. See Death.

Life Body, Vital Body, Etheric Body (Double) is man's first invisible body, that penetrates our physical body and transmits electromagnetic force and vital substances (interaction level particles) to maintain it. The light (photons) is its main nutrient, infrared is also good, lower radio waves have only small effects, but higher ultraviolet and gamma rays have harmful effects. See Aura.

Macrobiotics is a nutrition or philosophy of the Japanese, Michio Kushi, who claims that the growing and handling methods of the foodstuff affect markedly to the quality of the final meal. Also the mood of the cook comes across with the spiritual energy.

Magnetism is another component of the electromagnetic phenomenon. An electric charge causes an electric field, which is transmitted by the electrons. The motion of the electrons, electric current, causes on its side a magnetic field, which obviously is transmitted by the photons, which have no 'light Quantum'. Magnetism is fundamentally, however, poorly known, as the gravity, though its influence is ruled out mathematically well. A magnetic field is dipolar or it has two opposite poles, sinks, where the force lines are ending. If another pole is 'cut off' (materially), it will stay in the position, even that there were a vacuum provided that the electric current causing it can continue the same way. There exist also stabile magnetism, which is born by the substance having electric dipoles, when crystallizing and frozen in the direction of the prevailing magnetic field. Magnetite is the strongest of this kind of minerals in the nature. If from a particle composed of it, is another half cut off, both will get a system with two poles. The Earth is one big magnet due to its internal electric currents caused by the motion of the liquid minerals, so called convection flows, which are also causing tectonics of the continental plates in relation to each others. A German doctor Mesmer observed already in the 1700 century, that organisms have magnetism, so called Animal Magnetism, which is due to the electric charges or the motion of the liquids having (saline)ions in the physical body. Because the Life body is mainly just the electromagnetic field, Aura, also the magnetism is remarkable part of it. Our (etheric) body is even so much dependable on the Earth's magnetic field that we do not stay healthy without it. Space travelling has been found a calamity for man without an artificial magnetic field in the spacecraft. Magnetic imaging can currently give information on the activities of the various areas in the brains. Magnetic treatment is an ancient Chinese way to cure many injuries. When a stabile magnet is laid upon the injury, it will increase liquid circulation, diminish swelling and so improve recovery. Also the abundant iron of the blood's hemoglobin reacts positively in the proximity of the magnet, hemoglobin is 'purified' of the microbes and yeast then delivering better Oxygen molecules. With a suitable alternating current magnet, the frequency of which is something between 10 and 20 Hz, the bloodstream and metabolism are stimulated and even the old scars have been got to smooth out. Medical tests have shown that when this kind of the alternating magnetic field has been suitably focused around the head even the nerve cells have regenerated. Though also the trotting-horses have run faster, when having magnets around their legs, yet the slants on the influences of the magnets are great.

Man’s Map is an outline of man's bodies and what kind of energies are involved in the different levels. Similary it depicts how man's intellect, mind and soul could be located on the map. Man’s Lifemap outlines those paths that lead us to the perfect harmony or total disharmony (insanity).

Mass is a specification of the material, which causes inertia or slowness = Gravity and resists changes in the movement of a particle. Due to this a mass particle cannot propagate faster than the speed of light. The influence of mass is transmitted or 'radiated' by a special ii-particle, called Graviton.

Material, Matter is built up of atoms (in fact of molecules) as dense formation as possible and its features are uniform. It is a real energy condensate, mass of which grows linearly with its size. Other specifications of materials vary a lot, but a common feature is their mass effect, which we can regard as their both the 'spiritual' and physical basic characteristics. Because graviton is known only by its influence, it can be regarded as a spiritual force, which has an incredibly great influence on the material particles.

Meditation is concentrated Thinking or its excercise. Oriental religious philosophy conceives of it as a basic tool of the mental growth. See also Contemplation.

Memory is narrow- or material-mindedly just a special entity of the brains formed by certain Neurons and their connections. A particular matter is ’recorded’ as there are at that moment changes in the connections of those neurons. Young people have more new connections, while old ones have breakages (and dying of neurons). Then it was noticed that it is not only certain specialized neurons, but all the neurons of the brains participate in memorizing. Now it is suspected and it is obvious to me that also all the neurons connected to the muscles and senses participate at least in memorizing physical activities and sense perceptions. The more complex matter, the larger number of neurons are required not just to memorize, but as well performing technically demanding motion or interpreting a sense perception. Often an information coming via the brains would not come fast enough so that one could have time to react in a ticklish situation. That is why it is necessary to 'decentralize' certain memorizing into the senses and extremities to hasten actions. Higher bodies also participate in the memory processes and only by them a certain connection can be interpreted as a specific incident, associated. This means that one spirit cannot interpret other one's memory records, which is just in the physical body. Which nerve cell and which connection means a certain incident or belongs to an entity of the wider information. The memorizing of the finer bodies occurs in their own specific way: Life body uses electromagnetic fields (Aura, the 'memory' of the water or more generally the liquids of the physical body must be counted here), Astral body memorizes by the specific vibrations of the molecules, cells (also neurons) and tissues or ii-particles bound into them and Mental body in the form of the atom's internal vibrations.

Mental is the lowest 'real' good spiritual level, just above the Astral. It is further divided into the 7 sublevel, of which the spirits of the four undermost have still a figure. Theosophy talks about the upper layers of the soul and defines 7 intermediate stages of the evolving spirit, so called heaven phases, located in the four part, of which the three lowest are divided into the two separate sublevel.

Mental Body, Spiritual Body, Higher Self, Middle Ego is man's one Finebody constructed of ii-particles. It is the lowest of the actual spiritual bodies and the highest or finest when born. For a 'wise' man it can develop still higher spiritual bodies, see Causal and Buddhist. Theosophy sees that Thinking is always taking place at least in the mental level and man's higher self would be extended till the Buddhist (Knowledge) level. Probably Urantia-book's Morontia body is about the same as Mental body, compare Astral body. See Spiritual body.

Mental Fitness, ~ Shape, Intellectual ~ is good when a man masters or controls his/her life in every respect, appreciates it and is relatively happy, positive and harmonic as human mind can be. Then man's soul feels great and evolves towards good Spiritual realm. It does not mean that there would not be any hardships, but that they are accepted calmly and inverted to the winning side.

Mentality, Spirituality(, Intellectuality, Inwardness) is inclination to aim at learning and understanding the deeper purpose of life and the Spiritual realm. It is seeking for the Truth unafraid of mistakes. It is also vivid faith in the hearafter and higher guidance. Many issues develop man's mentality unconsciously and experience brings up understanding and finally wisdom or the spirit is ennobled. Compare Spirituality as a synonym for Religiousness, which is most often passive believing and following outward cults, being on tiptoes and fear on making mistakes. It is lacking the dynamic action and seeking for the Truth. This kind of the mental idleness is wasting of life. Fortunately many people have united the religiousness and mentality. The spirituality of the oriental religions is at the same time mentality and aiming at the mental growth with a humble mind and realistic objectives.

Metaphysics is looked as a special part of the philosophy, that studies with semiscientific methods so far unknown phenomenon. It can be called Spiritual science or '-physics'. Its valuation today when the materialism is strong is the same as Astrology.

Microcosmos is the inner space of an atom, between nucleus and electron(s). It can include countless number of various energy vibrations or ii-particles. Their size is plausibly at least Mental level or beyond Astral one.

Mind is our Intellect + Emotions together adding the 'corf' of desires, lusts and wishes. It is our analytic, logic Everyday consciousness, Understanding developing from the experiences and Thinking, which is also emotional and illogical. With our intellect we control our functions, though emotions and lusts very often lead our mind. Mind is our ‘human’ Personality, Lowest I or Ego. Its functions use electrochemistry of our brains + features of the Life and Astral bodies, see also Ego. Now that this is my mind's soapbox, I will add here a scheme of principle, how the terms figuring man's various spiritual levels could approximately go: Life body Astral body Mental body Causal body Intellect Emotions Understanding Wisdom Information Enlightenment Lusts Mind Soul Spirit(ual) soul Superego Animal consciousness Everyday consciousness Mental consciousness Divine consciousness

Molecule is a solid accumulation of many atoms (largest having millions of atoms), real material unit. Molecule's specific vibration (can have many of them) is its 'spiritual' energy, which by its frequency belongs to the Astral level.

Monad is the concept of Theosophy meaning that fragment of the God's own spirit, impersonal or prepersonal Individuality owing functions of will and mind. Every mortal possessing an adequate morals gets one for assistance and with which an Enlightened soul fuses into one immortal spiritual personality. The Urantia-book uses the name Thought Adjuster or Mysterious Adviser. I have myself used as Paul Brunton did the name Superego or Supersoul and spared the Monad to signify the already fused higher ascended entity.

Morontia Body is the name of the Spiritual body, probably Mental one given by the Urantia-book and Morontia means then ‘organic material’ in the Spiritual realm. It is also written about the Morontia Soul developing to the mortals.

Nature is a general expression for all physical and organic objects and their coexistence or symbiosis. Mineral kingdom, flora, fauna and mankind together belong to the material part of the nature. The other part is pure spiritual energy, natural forces or spirits, who have their own Hierarchy of spirits as the part of the Kingdom of Angels.

Negative Ionization is basically electrical specification of an atom or molecule, surplus of electrons. HUT-theory includes Ionization also for the iv-particles and in principle all the force influences create some kind of unsymmetry, which tends to seek for the compensating or balancing couple. This kind of unsymmetry or imperfect can be extended to bigger particles, materials and even a man, which have some kind of ionization, and so they are sort of charged by the different signed energies or occurs Polarization. See Positive ionization.

Negative in Nature (Disharmonious) means man's materialistic or 'secular' feature, Jang of the Oriental religions. Vibration frequency is lower and more disharmonious or insufficient compared to average energies in a certain universe or level of consciousness. This has nothing to do with the surplus of the electrons, which is just good for a man, see pH-value. Therefore it is unfortunate, that electron's charge has been defined negative, though it has a positive, non-sour influence.

Negative Particle is charged with negatively defined energy, which is in our science culture same as the electron's electric influence energy. It is a direction of its force influence, propulsion or attraction, specific vibration or radiation of the certain phase, which forms partly invisible and even massless primary or ii-particles, called Interaction particles. It is due to an unsymmetry of the particle, all the internal vibrations are not compensating each others, but an outside 'visible' component is left, which most often still affects in a divergent way in the different directions, see Spin. Negative particle aims to form a compound with another corresponding particle having an opposite phase or emitting positive influence and so that the overall vibration would be as neutral as possible. This kind of the counterparticle of the electron is Proton. They do not, however, join together perfectly due to the other basic forces, but they form the basic unit of the material, atom. Various unsymmetry is yet to stay, which makes the differently sized atoms possible and their compounds, molecules. Their unsymmetric shapes or Ions having electric charge cause the known chemical reactions and fabricate macroscopic materials. Further they do include unsymmetry of the various forces, which give the specific characteristics for the materials. From the known four basic forces only electric has two opposite forms. The strong nuclear force has three divergent types. Gravity has only one-way force influence and so it may be also with the weak nuclear force. See Negative Ionization.

Negativeness of the man is to direct thoughts, feelings and deeds to the lowborn, even evil, destroying harmony, falsehood, egoism, greediness, envy, hatred and the materialistic pleasures. A want of the spiritual energy leads to negativeness and depression. The lack is mostly due to the missing love and attention in the childhood. Then one is not able to handle the spiritual energy and wastes away in want of it, easily gets ill and has a weak self-respect, see Insanity. Also alcohol and drugs lower the level of the spiritual energy. The genuine faith instead makes it possible to get in on the act of the higher powersource of Love, see Positiveness.

Neuron is a nerve cell. Synapse is the activator of neuron or ’switch’ and connector. Axon and Dendrite are nodes. Axon (output node) forms distant connections, dendrite (input node) bisects neighbouring neurons.

Neutrino is a primary particle, whose mass is very small and it doesn't participate in material construction. It has no electromagnetic force, but it is probably the most common in so called backgound radiation of the time space.

Neutron is the proton's couple to build up atom's nucleus, but electrically it is neutral.

Neutron Star is a cold star, the collapse of which into a Black hole has been hindered by the strong nuclear force of the Neutrons compensating gravity, see Supernova and White dwarfstar.

Nucleus is the center of the atom, whose Protons and Neutrons are held together by the Strong nuclear force and transmitted by the Gluons.

(The) Perfect, Perfect Energy. See Absolute.

Personality is a man's model of reacting or behaving in various situations of life. It is Everyday consciousness produced by our Mind and Understanding, which learns all the time something new, is worn more elastic, but the specific mental growth is evolution of Soul. Our Spirit or Higher Ego influences via the Soul as much as the Mind has learnt to obey its advice. Even the Superego can influence in some amount, if we have correctly become sensitive to the higher frequencies. That sensibilization is generally thought to be due to Intuition and Subconscious. We are recognized through the specifications of our personality, there do not exist two persons alike and the way we react our actions can be predicted. According to the Urantia-book personality is also a God's gift, like Superego, but it does not participate in the spiritual guidance, it brings the 'latent' unique characteristics of the human mind. It also returns back to the Deity, if the human being does not accept immortality. On these grounds it could be a question of the Soulplan that Theosophy is advertising and Platon's Idea of one human life. We could well think, that our personality is the model and as well goal charted for us by the Superego, according to which energies come down to lower levels till the incarnation of our physical body. The spirit is its closest quasi-image in the mental level and mind lowest in the astral level. Through them our personality should tell us, how to make from our mental growth point of view the best choices in the difficult situations of our life and find the goal, when our soul and personality join to one entity, which will be in due time accepted by the Superego at least partly when fused to immortal perfect spirit. Our physical and Life bodies are more inherited from the parents. This is how many issues become simpler and we can set equal signs to the following concepts: Personality = Character or man's nature, Soulplan, model or idea and goal or purpose of life, The spirit or Higher Ego is its 'image' in the mental and mind in the astral level. Because the soulplan is set to cause necessary experiences for our life, our personality includes also uncomfortable characteristics like fears. It does not, however, mean that we should be afraid our whole life, but to live them down.

pH-value tells the relationship between electrons and protons in the liquids. The even state has been defined as the value of 7. A smaller number, 0 - 7, acidity, means a surplus of the protons or hydrogen ions. A bigger number, max 14, means for one alkality or the surplus of the electrons. It is known that man's blood must have a tight pH-value, optimum is 7,35 and if it fell to 7.1 it would mean death. Because man's nutritions are mainly acidic, must our organs buffer them quite a lot, before they can be transported by the blood. It seems that pH-value can be usede as a quality metre, the more acidic, the less suitable for the nutrition. For instance the pH-value of the clean drinking water can vary from 6 to 9, tub water can have as low as 6, while a good spring water has even 9.

Philosoph is according to Platon a devotee or lover of Wisdom and that is what I would wish it to be, too.

Photon is an interaction particle of the electromagnetic radiation, which can be seen as light, when it has received an extra quantum from an electron (when it changes the shell). It is dualistic in nature or it propagates as wave front, when it is not visible, but it can appear also as a localizable particle, when it is visible light.

Physical Body is like a 'cloth', 'vehicle' or frame made of organic material according to the DNA-code. With the help of this body a low level spirit can exist consciously and make tasks in the material state.

Planck’s Length is the length of the basic particle by the String theory. It is also a range that is calculated for the diameter of the higher universes, where the volume and time have disappeared. They are so called inward wrapped universes, as the time space was before the Big Bang. Better known is the Planck’s Constant, which defines quantum energy in the formula: Photon's energy = P’s constant x the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation (E = h x f). It is also used to define the expansion velocity of the time space.

Positive Ionization is atom's or molecule's electric specification, the deficiency of the electrons. See Negative ionization. Correspondingly there occurs ionization in the different size levels from ii-particles to the man's bodies and even celestial objects. It is unsymmetry of the specific vibrations, orientations of influences (propulsion or attraction).

Positive in Nature (Harmonious) means spiritual, 'heavenly' feature of the man, Jin of the Oriental religions. Its vibration frequency is higher, more harmonic and perfect (stronger) energy compared to the average energy frequencies in a certain universe or the level of consciousness. See Negative in nature.

Positive Particle has been charged with positively defined electric force influence. See Negative particle, pH-value and Proton.

Positiveness is orientation of the man's thoughts, feelings and deeds to Good, Harmony, Truth, Love and Perfectness. See Negativeness.

Positron is antiparticle of electron or a bunch of thinnings-type ii-particle, whose specific vibrations are exactly in the opposite phase compared to electron. It is like a mirror, who will be summed up when colliding with an electron so perfectly that all energy will be neutralized. Only the ii-particles are transmitting information about this incident. I would like to know, how the Urantia-book explains antimaterial. If one electron is composed of 100 ultimatons, how would be one positron constructed, antiultimatons? Theosophists say that one electron is built up of about 800 'bubbles of Koilon (Heaven)', but neither they have any suggestion for antimaterial.

Prayer is discussion with one's heart, Spirit or Higher self, even Superego. It is Vertical thinking at its best, unless it is selfish seeking of one's own benefit. Man can create for himself positive energy or even get a connection with the higher energy channel. Praying with a group can produce multifold amount of good energy. Jesus gave us a good model, "Our Father in Heaven" -prayer. According to the Urantia-book unfortunately the early church fathers cut out of it very important sentence: "Raise us as perfect as You are perfect". This proves clearly that the mental growth is important for the man, but evidently the church fathers thought it would be too insolent for a man to strive as perfect as God.

Pressure is easy to understand as a macroscopic total, sum or pseudo force product of the various microscopic impacts, which affects evenly in a closed large enough volume. It forms a quantity pair with Temperature depending on each others, such as force with mass or velocity with range. A strong pressure condenses all mass particles as close together as possible. Pressure is created also when the phase of the material is changing from solid to liquid and especially from liquid to gaz. The kinetic energy of gaz is much greater than solid substance. The same material asks for distinctly larger room or it causes more pressure when colliding with the borders. The 'collisions' of the ii-particles creating condensed 'packages' we do not regard as a form of the pressure.

Proton is electrically charged positive particle with a clear mass, 2000 times that of electron. It is built up by the three quarks of two basic types. Two 'Up' + one 'Down' -quarks. Neutron has got them oppositely. About half of the particles of the atom nuclei are protons, other half neutrons. Together with electrons they build up all atoms. Proton is also said Hydrogen ion (actually it includes also one neutron), because it has lost its only electron. A surplus of Hydrogen-ions causes Acidity, see pH-value.

Purpose of Life is to ennoble Earth's energies into the higher levels and at the same time the spirit fallen into the physical body is getting itself an opportunity to evolve, gain Wisdom, when Soul or spiritual consciousness has erected to the Mental level. The final goal of the Life Cycles is to achieve Enlightenment or the Fusion of the Soul with the Superego. That is followed by the return to the Perfect and probably a part of the greater spirit like the Son of God embracing the entire time space. Jesus said: "Be perfect, like your Heavenly Father is perfect. See Personality.

Quality is a measure of inner harmony of ii-particles undertaken by the atoms and molecules of the material in question. The more balanced relationship with all the ingredients or the better some matter is prepared and produced, the higher vibrations the outcome will have and the more quality it then possesses. Physical quality does not tell everything about the spiritual side (Aura).

Quantum is the transmitted quantity of the energy of one interaction particle like photon. It is the smallest amount of energy, by which a radiation is ’absorbed’ into the substance (one atom) or by which a substance radiates energy. A photon transmitting one energy quantum is seen as light.

Quantum Mechanics (~ Physics) is a widely adopted theory built up from Planck's quantum and Heisenberg's uncertainty principles. It concerns the smallest material particles.

Quantum Principle tells that light or any other wave motion obeying theory of the classical physics is interacting with material only as quanta, one kind of units, certain energy packets, of which intensity depends on its frequency. See Dualism.

Quarks are currently the smallest known primary (elementary) particles, which acknowledge (react with) the strong nuclear force and possess electric charge. There exist six variants, but only two of them is known to build up permanent particles. Proton and Neutron are constructed of the three united quarks.

Reason, Intellect is our processor, rational Everyday consciousness, by which we analyze sense observations, experiences, construct concepts and of course make calculations. It is mainly electrochemical usage of our brain capacity, that is to say it occurs in the physical and vital bodies. Theosophy says all thinking is performed in the Mental level. Riikonen sees intellect as a mental ability and the Philosopher's reason surpasses Understanding. I see that intellect is our native gift, electrochemical driving means in the same way like feet and hands, which are improved the more they are used. But reason or intellect can never reach the understanding of the wise man. When a Spirit or Soul is added to a user of the reason, which is mandatory, we can talk about understanding, which gradually is evolved by learning entirely into the mental level as Wisdom. Intellect is reason + Memory. Reasonableness is in the colloquial language a synonym of understanding. See Intellect, Thinking, Mind, Understanding, Wisdom and Genius.

Reality, see Fundamental Universum and Absolute.

Reincarnation is a return of the spirit to a new physical body. One great question of the purpose of life is that can a man manage with only one incarnation? This is what the author of this book started to find out about 40 years ago, but I must admit that I am still a little bit confused. Without adequate spiritual development our mental consciousness (soul) is not able to 'live' and further evolve without a support of the physical body. Is God's Grace or Superego this needed support? It is okay to believe in that, but nevertheless man must also have a will to advance mentally. If this level is not reached in the current life, it must happen via so called heavenly phases. But at least some hopeless cases probably need to get a new chance. Our evolution history already now most evidently encompasses numerous primitive forms of life just as our physical body has developed from the more primitive ones for some hundreds of millions years. Superego has all the time been the motor of this evolution and It will probably continue till the end of perferct spiritualization of our planet Earth. The Urantia-book distinctly denies the reincarnation, but so does Theosophy, too, if we think of the man's personality.

Relativity Theory of Einstein is divided into Special (narrow) and General. Special includes the concepts of the modern physics about volume and time and electromagnetism. General is extension, which includes also gravity. The formula E=mc 2 (Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared) belongs to the narrow relativity, which is generally accepted. It tells by words that material can be transformed to energy and vice verse. Theory also limits the maximum velocity of a mass particle to the same as the spped of light, because the needed energy becomes infinite. General relativity claims e.g. that in the vicinity of large masses even the light is curved. Gravity Lenses have been observed aplenty in so called deep space.

Religion is a frame of the faith, collection of the beliefs or doctrines on how a religious man should behave. It doesn't include necessarily anything own uniqueness and it doesn't ask for the spiritual development. Too often the doctrines are not internalized and they are just hypocritical and superficial matters. It has been suggested doubts (Theosophy), confirmed by the Urantia-book, that the church fathers discarded from the New Testament all such that distinctly would have left in a secondary position the importance of the Church and priests in the process of the people getting righteousness. It was of concern, that the people would stay fully dependable on the Church and its services. So the challenge of the Church today is to find out, how to serve the members who are endeavouring to the individual, personal and vivid faith. According to the Urantia-book the genuine religious experience consists in the union of supreme values and cosmic meanings as a realization of universal reality.

Saint is a honorary title given by the Catholic Christian churches for the especially piously lived persons after their death. Saints are worshipped somewhat using their statues and figures, but also directly by praying their help. Hinduism talks about numerous 'small gods', which include both pious dead people and many kinds of the nature spirits and the Kingdom of Angels. It is typical of them to often incarnate as people, who possess special powers or they are great teachers.

Scheme of Things is generally understood a true structure of the universum and the mutual relations of its forces. This is what human being would like to know, but for now has to confine oneself to the World-view formulated by the science and Ideology created by each individual oneself. It can have ingredients from the science, religions and personal beliefs or convictions, which are premised on subjective experiences. The HUT is then so called 'set' world-view (section 2), which is a good foundation to create quite a thorough ideology (section 3). There can be still quite a way to the scheme of things, which the Urantia-book tries to get.

Schizophrenia is perhaps the worst form of Insanity. Negative forces grow above man's own Mind/Willpower and take him over as if there were another personality in question. Those negative forces get their characteristics from the man's Fears. The more man is afraid of some particular feature or action, the more definitely it will come true in these multiple personalities.

Semantic Code is a manner of representation for the data transmitted in the information field. It is mapping of the form and features of the ii-particles. Linguistic form is figured out with the various semantic systems, it has become one part of the modern Philosophy.

Singularity is a location, where the known physical laws, like wave functions do not apply and both material and time, probably also all information disappears, see Black hole and Worm hole.

Skeptic is a professional doubter. Doubting is a sound feature, which assures that we do not approve any bull into our views of this world. Then some matter becomes so fanatic that the common sense has no effect and doubts against own faith are not allowed, one's own thinking is dead or it just tries to prop up own views. Religionally zealot is called Fundamentalist. Those who are fanatic about the orthodox of science are called sceptics. Actually we could say that today they are manic materialists, because they are against anything that refers to mental. Many borderline cases are buried to be on the safe side, because they are afraid that the pure materialism will gradually erode. Man's electromagnetic body is denied and magnetic imaging is seen as a secondary effect of the electric pulses. Mesmer's Animal magnetism has been forgotten, Benveniste's memory of water has been floored, rapid variants of the genotype are classified coincidences and man is assumed to think chemically and lent wings by electric pulses. Graviton is still supposed to be a classical primary particle. Sceptic is often a scientist, who has submerged himself in the details of his discipline and he has no time to think matters in a wider perspective or he is merely a materialist, most often economist and the money is the be-all and end-all of his life. Sceptic slates actively all the phenomenon, which cannot be empirically or experimentally verified using materialistic observing tools. They have also taken the law into their own hands to sentence the persons, who make abnormal suggestions.

Son of God is the greatest Spirit of the entire Time space. The Urantia-book uses the name Eternal Son. Often Sons of God are called the main spirits of the partial time space, Local Universums, the likes of which according to the Urantia-book also Jesus ( or Christ) would have been and still is. The number of them is said to be 10 000 and everyone of them would rule a constellation having 10 000 inhabited planets. The Urantia-book tells about the Creator Sons. When God created the time space, He also gave birth to a Spirit, who was commissioned to take care and develop it. He for one created lower spirits, who were given partial areas to their ruling etc. Us people are spirits of the lowest or physical end, but we belong nevertheless to the wholeness. Our mental development also means progress to the entire time space towards the Perfect. We are already like cells in the body of the Son of God. See Triune God.

Soul is our Spiritual Personality or Consciousness, which starts in the lower part of the Astral zone and grows through our life (by experience and Understanding) wishfully as high up of the Mental level as possible. It is the man's highest consciousness and spiritual capital, the level of which depends on the current emphasis of the different body energies. Some has it entirely in the Astral body, others already in the mental level, while the most of us probably partly on the both levels. See scheme in the presentation of Mind. Theosophy talks about Transmigration of Soul, when the level of soul is rising during many Reincarnations and Soulplan, which is mainly set by Superego for one incarnation. It would be made according to Riikonen in the Buddhic level and its energies would be 'come down' to the Causal level, from where they would influence in the man's life. The Plan of the Soul is correspondingly upper level common plan of all reincarnations of the soul, which is first set by the Superego. It would occur in the Paranirvanic level and its energies would come down to the Nirvanic level, from where they influence in the birth of an individual Soulplan. These could be compared even to Platon's concept of Idea about one man's life and one soul's entire Transmigration. See Personality, which could be the same as the Soulplan according to the Urantia-book.

Space, Extent, Universe, Subuniversum is one isolated part of the whole Universum. It can consist of 3 or more Dimensions or degree of freedom. Keylontic science calls it also Density level. I have engaged the universe to mean an isolated time - space section, one of the spiritual realm's different frequency ranges. Our time space consists of the frequency ranges so that undermost are the three directional dimensions, so called fourth universe is not a new dimension, but the three directions are integrated together as one volume dimension, which manifests itself spherical when looking upward. Upper spaces or universes are distinctly multitudes of the frequency and volume and time are loosing their importance, as sectors of the perfect energy are increasing in relation to the wavelengths.

Specific Vibration is the total or sum vibration (frequency) of the condensed (and/or thinned) energy accumulation that is shown up outwards and its frequency is lower than its factors. Those accumulations can be ii-, primary particle, atom, molecule, substance, material particle and also organism. One of the internal vibrations can be so dominant, that it radiates outward by its own frequency. Big accumulations can have multiple specific vibrations and they emit their influence asymmetrically.

Spin is an Exclusion rule of the primary particle. Particles that have the same spin-value are set in a certain restricted way in respect to each others, but particles with the different spin-value can situate interlacingly. It is an inner feature of the primary particle, which resembles rotation, but is defined from the orientation degree of the particle's energy radiation. Spin-value 0 (perfect energy) is an unknown virtual particle, which is so symmetric, that it can be seen and it influences in the same way to every direction. Spin 1 (primary particles like quarks and leptons and transmitting particles, like photons, bosons and gluons) means, that this particle shows up in the same way only once per one whole rotation. Spin-value 2 (probably the hypothetic graviton) means that the same looks shows up twice per rotation. All mass particles have spin ½, which means they show up the same way in a certain direction only every second cycle, so they have the least symmetry.

Spirit, Spiritual Being. Defining this is the guts of the whole topic and various authors see this issue from their own different perspectives. It is commonly used as a synonyme of the soul or just something that separates living from the dead one. Widely speaking all beings and energy accumulations, which have an invisible finebody, Astral counted, would belong to this independently if they have a soul and consciousness or not. Theosophy says that a spirit is figureless and unsubstantial, it is the highest individualized spiritual divine being formed only of the highest bodies. The lower energy accumulations have their own terms. The spiritual body starts then from the Mental one, which is higher than Astral body. So it is the part of a man, where the Wisdom resides (as much as each others possess it). The spirit's level is the highest energy and vibration that a man has, mainly mental. The spiritual body (mental body) is built up of the ii-particles, which do not bind up with the 'flesh' or they are smaller than the molecule level vibrations. One natural limit would be the size of the atoms of the air we breath, but animals would not possess spirit in the same sense than humans. A man is a will-being with an evolving consciousness, see Soul and Mind. Soul defined as spiritual (mental) consciousness is an evolving part of the spirit and it is in the beginning evidently also astral. Most of the spiritual beings do not possess any physical body, some has only one atom. Man's physical body is actively functioning 'almost' without a spirit(ual guidance). It can maintain Everyday consciousness and it is ideal for a primitive spirit to live with. In addition to the developing spirits there are 'created' ones with the divine mind, who guide and supervise. Compare also the Personality, Soulplan and Platon's Idea.

Spiritual Body is a general name for all invisible bodies, but the man's spiritual body is called Mental one, see to it.

Spiritual energy, Information energy, Mental energy is composed of massless and invisible ii-particles, including gravity transmitting graviton. Wave motion of the vibration energy causes condensates, which are reversible, so that one specific particle (condensate) exists only a tiny moment, but there will be others all the time according to the movement of the specific vibration energy. In a certain volume there could be all the time same amount of the specific ii-particles. Spiritual energy is entirely free of mass effects (but the influence can be e g gravity) and it is quick-moving, but yet it can have locally so strong intensity that it can cause changes of material. Spiritual energy is very permanent in nature (only another one with the same frequency and intensity carrying vibration but an opposite phase can kill it) and it thrives to sum up with the same kind of vibrations. But the total outward force or influence depends on its harmony, how well its components work in the same direction in the same time. All material has first been spiritual energy and there still exist a spiritual 'image' of it. Material radiates all the time spiritul energy with its specific frequency. All incidents create their own energy vibrations, which travel quickly through the time space. The spiritual energy is a general name for all the higher level like mental, causal etc energies.

Spiritual Guide is a spirit, who has gained a good spiritual consciousness (often a human soul after incarnation) and has left to assist spiritual evolution of the mankind. Superego is the man's best spiritual guide.

Spiritualism, Spiritism is uncontrolled calling of the spiritual energies (accumulations). Relatives want to get a contact to a dead spirit with it. Some kind of successes have been experienced during these sessions, assisted by mediums, who are sensitive to the spiritual energy, generally ladies. Theosophists say that they are mere low level 'peelings', vital- and astral bodies, from which the mental part has already separated. Contacts to these energy accumulations without consciousness or moral are indeed irresponsible.

Spirituality, Religiousness (Religious) has been dedicated to figure out the strength of faith and in particular external manifestation of the confessing to the doctrine of some grand religion (church). This is generally fairly passive action, which for a while raises man's development to a next step, but often this is the only implication, and when the next step is on hold, religiousness often even kills the inner mental evolution, except when it is a question of the oriental religion. So called concept of Grace in its Christian puritan frames even 'denies' the mental evolution as sin, because it is regarded as undeserved evaluation of one's ego, indeed as an offensive against the allmighty God's sovereignty. I hate to find that the religiousness of the Christianity (Islam and Jewishness, too) are today popularism at its worst. Churches and sects aim at 'fishing' for souls using Jesus as a 'bait' offering what the people want without thoughts what God plausibly would want. They give fantasies, which are unreal and threat dissenters with as unrealistic punishments. They fuel man's greediness, selfishness and egoism at the expense of humbleness and modesty (only we have the genuine truth or we are the God's selected people). The goal of the Christians is to angle for themselves mercy and with it the salvation to the Paradise using a bare hook offering to God only their own 'bastard' themselves. Not a single religion has been able to teach their followers practically two great truths. Oriental religions emohasize well the most important one: "All influences on everything and all of us belong to the same boat". The Christianity emphasizes the significance of Grace, but it has been bound to the faith and not practical realization, which asks for taking account the public interest, gratitude for even tiny things, apologizing wrong deeds and forgiving to those, who have wrongdone us. These deeds give us inherently good energy and Jesus did not have to bring us something new gift of grace, only to supply as great amount of the God's Love as possible. That is what we experience now in the sense of the Holy Spirit and possibly also the Spirit of Truth as the Urantia-book has presented.

Spiritual Realm, ~ Universe, ~ Spaceis an existence or a group of universes built up of the spiritual energy or ii-particles. We could analogously speak also about the Information ~, which would better describe the issue itself and were less mystic. On the other hand it seems to restrict impression to the lower levels and without their force effects. Like Theosophy, within my writings I am pleased to leave the Astral zone outside the Spiritual realm. Division is the same as to the Astral and Spiritual bodies; as bad, disharmonic energy is limited to the Astral zone and the Good Spiritual realm, at least Mental level, is left apart. Spiritual realm is invisible for the physical existence, intermediate phase on the way from the material kingdom to the eternal Perfect, Grand Universum. It can be further divided into many sublevels, which are also invisible to each others (at least from down to upward). Occultists separate Mental part into the seven sublevels, in the four lowest of which the spirits have got a clear figure. These are also those seven heavenly states, of which as well occultists as the Urantia-book talk about. It is still time dependable, though unlinearly and much less than the material core. Therefore it is also unstable and restricted virtual existence. Energies of the Spiritual realm control the energies of the material kingdom and all material has a counterpart, like a shadow or umbrella in the Spiritual realm, in fact mainly 'only' in the Astral level.

Standing and Stalling Waves, Extinct Waves are born, when energy vibrates in a closed space so, that the returning wave from the borders is exactly in the same or opposite phase with the original wave. In the first situation energies of both waves intensify each others and a steady double strong vibration state has appeared. In the latter case energies of the waves 'kill' each others and the whole vibration dies out. More or less closed spaces include atom's microcosmos, material time space and numerous universes of the Spiritual realm. The borderline, which is difficult to pass over between Mental and Astral zones, may be one area of the stalling waves, probably the lowest in frequency. Keylontic science calls the separating factor between universes as Magnetic Repulsion or Void Zones.

String Theory aims to explain the huge total energy of the universum like it were composed of the squeezed or strained bows or strings. Or as it were shaped by the numerous smaller strings or 'rubber bands' in the 9 to 12 dimensional universum.

Strong (Intra)nuclear Force is the strongest of the four basic forces, which is transmitted by the Gluons. It keeps Quarks inside Proton and Neutron and the whole atom nucleus. It is suggested that the Dark substance does not have it.

Substance is a general term for the energy we know. After Einstein found the connection between energy and mass, substance has meant both Material and all the known energy particles it contains. Material term means macroscopic particles constructed from atoms and molecules.

Sun and Stars are the sources and supplies of energy, which radiate the basic energy of the time space, for the organic life (Life body) important light and warmth. They would suit well to be also ‘refiners’ of the 'used' spiritual energy, 'lungs' of the time space, spiritual purgatory, because inside them the molecules and atoms can change to plasm, whereupon the committed spiritual energy is released and astral level vibrations are transformed into the level of the interaction and primary particles.

Subconscious Mind is the level of 'super consciousness'. It is a part of the consciousness that is not in accessible use of the Everyday consciousness. Those areas of the body memory belong to it like the astral- and mental levels, which have not been reached by the individual mental growth. With the help of Hypnosis and Meditation it is possible to advance inside the subconscious mind. The higher frequency vibrations, the further inside unconscious part they become. Some philosophers talk about Superconscious Mind, when they mean man's higher mental features, like sense of beauty, ability to love, moral, sense of justice and yearning for truth. Even pondering of the purpose of life would belong to this circle and intuition. It is partly conscious partly not depending, how closely related man is with his mental spirit or higher self.

Superego, Supersoul, Highest I, Eternal Ego, Spiritual Spark is impersonal or prepersonal individual, who owns actions of will and mind and has the origin in the Grand Universum, a part of God Himself, His gift for the man, God's 'presence', a humble servant of the Perfect and companion of the life, to whom we can have a conversational connection whenever we want and really try to with our mental body. Superego is pure perfectly harmonic energy, because being a part of God, not created but fragmented. So the consciousness of Superego is in the 'spheres' of the Spiritual realm, right below the border of the Perfect (Mahaparanirvanic). Superego is a real Lightspirit, for whom it is difficult to reduce the frequency level enough for the mental spirits. Superego is the best Spiritual guide for us, but due to our backwardness the lower level spiritual guides are also necessary. Some people have suggested that a Guardian angel is the Superego, but the Urantia-book pours gold water on this and I have also come to a conclusion that between us there must exist so many 'steps' that there can be many intermediate spirits, which we call Angels. The Urantia-book talks about the Thought Adjuster, ~ Transformer, ~ Superviser or Mysterious Adviser, who settles in the man only, when this makes the first moral decision, which occurs an average age of 5 years and 10 months. If a man does not reach the Enlightenment, the Thought Adjuster returns and after suitable time of rest tries again as a companion of another mortal. The Urantia-book also rejects the thought, that the Thought Adjuster would be our Conscious. Theosophy speaks about the Individuality (see Monad), who explicitly sends the human soul into the material experiential world as His representative. After having lived a normal life man's soul returns back and if it has not achieved Enlightenment, the Superego sends the same soul again to develop further. This is so called Reincarnation cycle, which is so not acknowledged by the Urantia-book. This seems a little bit strange and unfair, for reaching to the Enlightenment is impossible for the most of the people during this one lifetime. When the church fathers rejected the doctrine of the reincarnation, they had to add instead the concept of Hell, which does not belong to the religional philosophy of either Theosophy or the Urantia-book. See Personality.

Supernova is a recently exploded star, the last energies of which for keeping up fusion reaction have been flown to the space and its nucleus due to gravity is collapsing into a Black hole, Neutron or White dwarf star. During Supernova's explosion the heavy elements are born.

Supersymmetric Particles, for instance Tachyons are derived from the String theory. Their velocity is over the speed of light and they have negative mass. Super partner is a pair of particles, symmetry of which coinsides so well that they can integrate into one supersymmetric particle.

Team Work is very common in all actions of the nature. It is based on the internal harmony and the better it succeeds, the stronger power. The whole origin and evolution of life has been established to the coupling of the smaller particles and the same kind of influences are multiplied by the bigger entities. Microbes are causing diseases, which can kill the billion times bigger man. They can also form colonies, as we know by the various mushrooms. Ants and bees classical examples.Also people can compose groups, which function so keenly that it creates a Solidarity or at sports Team Spirit. See Group soul.

Telepathy is direct mutual communication between two different brains without talking or tools. Brains are creating vibrations with a certain frequency range, which can be rather high. Those low frquencies of some Herz's, which have been observed by magnetic resonance imaging, Alfa, Beta and Gamma-waves, does not penetrate enough outwards and cannot transmit markable amount of information. It is a matter of at least astral level or > 109 frequency depending on the abilities of the thinker. In that case even a far away other man suitably tuned in can receive and also interpret them correctly, if he knows the partner well. Or both are mentally developed enough. Empathy is the man's ability to take other one's standing point, tuning in the other's frequency, when it is possible to even understand his thoughts.

Teleportation is the transfer of matter from one point to another, more or less instantaneously, either by alchemy, paranormal means, or through technological means. Teleportation has been widely utilized in works of science fiction. There is no evidence that such a phenomenon exists on the macroscopic level. With 'entangled' photons, their spin has been able to teleport to a distance of 600 m. Quantum states of atoms can be changed this way and ultrafast quantum computer is under serious studies. HUT-theory limits this in the ii-particles, but they can transfer coded information very fast over to distant target of many lightyears. See UFOs!

Temperature, Warmth, Heat is a pseudo quantity, which is a pair of pressure and comparable with the mass and force. We know it as a macroscopic thermal influence caused by the collisions of the primary particles, molecules and atoms. The kinetic energy is changed to warmth and vice verse, but there is no special thermoenergy or -force caused by its own interaction particles. Heat flows always from hot to cold likewise time 'flows' always forward. A chaos of energy vibrations, which gave first birth to ii-particles and then primary ones, must also be a 'mother' of the heat. The kinetic energy of the ii- and primary particles (also atoms and molecules) is so the basis of all the known forces and their consequential quantities. When atoms were created, a rather large pressure and temperature were needed, but it was already quite a lot cooled down from its maximum, when the primary particles were born. The more condensed ii-particles caused by their collisions we do not regard as a thermal form, but they are just their own influences, which are not necessarily sensed in the material realm.

Theory of Everything (TOE) is still greater than the Grand Universal Theory, GUT, which tends to connect the four basic forces of Physics. TOE includes also spiritual, 'mystic' phenomenon. My Harmonic Universum Theory, HUT, aims to be reckoned among TOEs.

Theosophy means 'Godly wisdom' or divine information. It was born in the end of the 1800-century as a mystic occultism mainly based on H P Blavatsky's visions, but it greatly equates with the old Indian philosophy of religion, e g Veda-scriptures. Rudolf Steiner's Antroposophy is often regarded as a subtheory for Theosophy and Steiner did belong to the theosophists in the beginning of the 1900-century, but established the Society of Antroposophy, when he could not approve the disparaging vision of the Theosophy on the Christ, see Christosophy. For instance human bodies, vital, astral and mental bodies and their functions are well reported in the theosophical literature. Reincarnation is one of their main doctrines as a natural part of the human life.

Thinking, Brainwork is the most powerful and controlled way of ennobling and harmonizing energy. It creates and modifies ii-particles, energy wave motion and vibrations with the power of thought or will. Horizontal ~ occurs in the same spiritual level. It is related to motion and everyday duties, 'popular', common, normal or routine usage of the brains. Scientific, based on observations, Inductive thinking is solely horizontal. Vertical ~ is abstract thought, deeper attempt to find new Ideas and contexts, problem solving etc. It is inner communication with the higher spirit or to reach it or to stretch for the better spiritual level. Deductive or reasoning thinking is often seen as guided by Intuition or so unscientific. It can be then vertical, but depends entirely on the target and what is the goal and how to get there. The Prayer is pure vertical thinking, the more unselfish matters are asked for, the better is the result. Rudolf Steiner in his "The Philosophy of Freedom" Senseless, Free, Living Thinking. This could be added that vertical thinking is also Supersensual, while horizontal thinking is Sensual.

Thinning is a stretched or thinned basic energy cell or a group of them, see Ii-particles. Bunch of Thinnings is a large group of thinnings, see Antiparticle.

Thought is a loose assemblage of many different energy vibrations or ii-particles created through brainwork and it has a common specific frequency. Intensity depends on the energy amount used in the brainwork. Stability depends on the harmony of the thought's contents and frequency on its noble-mindedness or goal or amount of sincere love. Behind or the cause of all the phenomenon, matters, deeds, objects and abstractions are a thought or multiple ones. Theosophy says that all thinking occurs at least in the mental level. I doubt that, because bad thoughts must be constructed of very low and coarse astral energy, and their creation do not need more than plain electrochemical impulses. Intermediate forms surely exist and our mental spirit may critisize very low valued ideas. In any case we do create often also low level and coarse energy thought accumulations.

Thought Adjuster is the term of the Urantia-book for the Superego.

Time is a state of imperfect, disharmonic and continuously shifting energy form (energy differences or variations) or time space's basic variable, coordinate, quantity, universe or dimension. It is a consequence of unstableness of this kind of energy, finite existence. It is born together with the Volume quantity (all three location or directional dimensions together), when wave-like frequencial vibration creates differences and variations in the even and perfectly harmonic basic energy media. Volume and Time are dependable on each others. If one of them disappears, also the other one cannot exist, see Volume.

Time Space, Time Universum, our known Universum, where everything exists in a state having time and location coordinates. It is defined by or along with the three basic dimensions or location = directional coordinates and the fourth is time or date. All that is visible or functioning, being with features, 'living' or dead, imperfect spirit or material organism owns time and location coordinates. See in addition Spiritual realm and Material (time) space. Spiritual realm is also time dependent and finite, though unlinearly and remarkably less than pure material ’nucleus’. Keylontic Science calls this as Time Matrix.

Topologic Geometrodynamics is one new theory of the universum's structure. Dynamic Universes is a name for even two different theories, one of them is 'only' 4-dimensional.

Transmitter Particles, Agent ~, see Interaction particles.

Triune God is God, the Son of God and Absolute. We mean by this one and unique God, the Main God, who has created the Time space, the main spirit of which is the Son of God and all of them are parts of the Absolute, Perfect, Fundamental Universum. From our perspective the Absolute and the Main God is the same matter. The Son of God or the time space is evolving towards the Perfect, but has not yet received the full membership of the Absolute. The Urantia-book uses the names: God, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit .

Truth, Absolutic and Relative. Our truth is always relative, because absolutic requires Perfect. We cannot deal with perfect, entire truth. We can only see partial truths, looked at a certain perspective and expressed with relative concepts. Relative means imperfect, disharmonic and energy variations compared to the absolutic or Perfect energy. See Absolute.

Truth/Potential Pyramid is a three dimensional diagram, by which we can show reciprocal positions of intellect, intensity of emotion and amount of relative truth. Axes of the pyramid are to the positive direction: Intellect/Reason - right horizontally, Emotion (intensity) - towards the spectator (lower left) and Relative truth (guide of the spirit) - upward vertically. From the neutral origo to the opposite direction: Irrationality - left horizontally, Fears - extension of the Emotion-axis - in the rear upper right and Evilness - down vertically. Upward vertical axis first the Wisdom will be faced and finally absolutic Truth. I have set side segments of imagination and intuition in between Intellect and Emotion axes, there can be also in other gaps their own side segments. Close to the vertical axis matters are simple, superficial and extensive. In the direction of the side axes they come complex, deepen and shift to smaller details. The farther from zero horizontally one is, the shorter range is possible vertically or the minor detail, the less truth and smaller evilness, too. A corresponding cone-shaped diagram with Absolute in the top has presented a philosopher H Bergson in the 1800th century.

UFO  Unidentified Flying Object and USO Unidentified Sea Object is a little bit debatable in the light of the thoughts of this book, if it is a vehicle created by a higher civilization to transfer physical bodies with vast velocities. The maximum speed of material is the speed of light, which is eminently modest in the scale of the material time space. One and only civilization, which could be counted, were the future mankind. More rational it is to think that instead of material the transfer could occur in the form of the spiritual energy. An evolved enough spirit can itself propagate in the time space with that velocity of information, which is about one billion times the speed of light. A lower spirit needs a support of the higher spirit. Is it a 'vehicle', which can be seen as material? Still it seems far-fetched explanation, but not quite impossible either. But the travelling of the physical bodies from one galaxy to another is absolutely absurd idea. We are the agents in this universe and they could when wanted send here better controllable organic simple robots, which we 'see' as humanoids.

Ultimaton is a basic particle defined in the Urantia-book. Electron would be built up of 100 ultimatons. Is this a real mass particle or same kind of the borderline case as Transmitter particles? Or even the Theosophy's Preliminary Atom, which is composed of the heavenly 'bubbles', Bubbles of Koilon. This kind of symmetric accumulation of influence without mutual repulsive force may be typical to all ii-particles, like Graviton or Spin equals 2. Influences sum up and the result is in case of electron an electric charge, interacted by photons. Electron has also a mass, so it emits gravitons, too. Do the other primary particles build up of ultimatons? How does the differently signed charge of Proton come up?

Uncertainty Principle of Heisenberg tells that both the location and velocity of the primary particle carrying energy amount of one quantum cannot be known exactly at the same moment.

Understanding, Reason, Total Intellect is a recognized attitude towards the life incidents based on the experiences modified by our Intellect and Emotions. It is also a part of our Everyday consciousness and Mind, by which we make our most important selections of life. Spiritual consciousness or our Soul comes in more to our choices when understanding is growing. When understanding and mental consciousness join together in the Mental body, individual has reached the Wisdom.

Universum (of Universums), Cosmos includes all the Universes, the whole Infinity and Fundamental Universum, a bit of which the Time space or man's known cosmos is. See Absolute and Perfect.

Universe, Space, Extent, Subuniversum is an isolated part of the Universum. I have engaged the universe to mean an isolated time - space section, one of the spiritual realm's different frequency ranges, see Space.

Virtual Particle is a quantum physical name for a particle, which cannot be observed with direct means, but the phenomenon it has caused are measurable, compare to Ii-particles, Interaction particles and Graviton.

Virtual Reality, ~ Realm is a fictitious, unrealistic or imperfect, impermanent, great illusion bound to time and location = Time space. Material virtual realm is a consequence, the cause of which is in the Spiritual realm, which for one is also a virtual consequence, the reason of which is in the Grand Universum.

Vital Body, see Life body.

Vital Element is composed of the fairly big, but yet almost massless ii-particles, mainly electromagnetic (ionized) Interaction particles bound in the organic molecules, necessary nourishment for the Life body (Vital body). See also (Animal) Magnetism.

Vitality is vigour of the Life body, which depends on the amount of the good vital nutrition. It seems to correlate to the surplus of electrons and it could be measured with pH-value, which so should be more than 7 to be positive.

Volume, Volume Dimensions is the second main dimension of the Time space, which is broken up to the three directional Coordinates, which we understand as length, width and height between two locations. Volume and Time are dependable on each others. If one of them disappears, also the other one cannot exist, see Time.

Water of Life is the best spiritual energy, which will bring to life man's weary spirit. When the spirit is strong, it will surely reinforce also the lower bodies from up to down, at the end the physical body, which keeps healthy and is capable of fulfilling the everyday duties without a sign of growing tired. It without doubt comes from the perfect energy, which is also called the Love of God. It is, however, suitably diluted or its frequency has been decreased from infinite so that our spirit can accept it. The dilution is the job of the Angels.

Wave Motion is the propagation form of the spherical front produced by the primary, interaction or ii-particles. It is alternately condensating and thinning of the large group of the energy units. Far away from its origin it can locally shape a straight frontline, the width of which can cover the entire time space. Light is the most important this kind of the electromagnetic wave motion, which is created by the photons carrying one extra quantum. See also Standing and Stalling wave and Frequency.

Weak (Intra)nuclear Force is the second weakest of the atom's four basic forces and its range is short. It is transmitted by the Bosons. It affects all mass particles.

White Dwarf (star) is a steady cold star (after Supernova explosion), the downfall of which into a Black hole is prevented by the repulsion forces of electrons, compare Supernova and Neutron star. Material has collapsed so tight that it has a huge mass, 1 cubic centimeter weighs hundreds of tons.

Will, Willpower is to target the spiritual energy by thinking to fulfill a matter or incident wanted by the Mind (rather Understanding). Willpower always builds up some kind of an energy accumulation, whose influence aims at completion of the wanted matter. At its best we can even talk about Spiritual agents, who start to 'live' for the certain task. Their effects are elaborate and intensive striving at their goal through many successive phases, Incidents. When the task is done, energies are exhausted, too. Fears are causing 'negative' willpower, which shapes just such energy accumulations or spiritual agents, which strive after completion of the target incidents of the fears, see Schizophrenia.

Wisdom is highly ennobled Understanding, consciousness of the Mental body. There already exist pieces of the Perfect, knowledge of the Absolutic Truth. Theosophy talks about Buddhi, Information (Knowledge) level, which were above the Causal. But to my understanding that requires already Enlightenment.

Worm Hole is a 'science fiction' expression for the possible discontinuity points of the time scale (singularity). In this point it would be possible to 'slip' into the past or future. The fourth geometrical dimension could also connect remote distances. According to the HUT-theory time traveling is possible only for the nearly perfect spirits, like wandering in the space between galaxies. The fourth universe, however, eliminates directions and connects that way the points in the same distance, but different directions (in the surface of the sphere), but it is not available for material, but only the astral energy makes it possible.

Zero Field, Universal Memory is a common data warehouse of the Spiritual Realm, where one can find an answer to all possible matters presuming that one can interpret its energy vibrations (ii-particle accumulations). It is said to reside mainly in the Causal or Buddhic level and somehow related to the Universal Mind, see the Holy Spirit.