1.   The HUT-theory aims to be first of all a basic theory of the Physics and Cosmology, so called Grand Universal Theory, GUT. But it soon became evident that it is much more (at least I hope so), it opens new views also on the spiritual science and takes us close to the fundamental matters of life.

2.   It is an indication of the power of the Vertical thinking at its best. When the science has committed itself to be developed only horizontally along the material level, vertical thinking is stubbornly reaching for the higher levels.

3.   The consequences of the theory has conducted to as deep as possible, but comprehensible description about the important and serious matters of life emphasizing superiority of Spirit over material.

4.   It is also a semiscientific study on the constraints of the current human knowledge and reasoning to expose unknown phenomena. It is one noteworthy path for the rover of the way of knowledge.

5.   It strives after the Truth as objectively, open-mindedly and extensively as possible joining information, experiences, conclusions and even the productions of as well intuition as imagination, believing in good without fruitless 'ifs', as close to the Truth as it may manage with the human means.

6.   Promoting own spiritual growth, art of living, detective's tasks and expeditions to unknown.

7.   Written down with a sincere mind positively for the love of one's neighbour piously wishing that the spiritual level of our home planet would be raised.

8.   Stressing individual, vivid and all the time evolving faith in the higher values, understanding towards the Wisdom and awakening of the mental consciousness or soul towards the Enlightenment.

9.   Humble and sincere goal has been to bring mental nourishment for the seekers and inspire and stimulate the spiritual growth.

10.  To find a rational purpose of Life, which eliminates fears and gullibility and to discover the stone of the wisdom or the bowl of Gral for the Enlightenment and Perfect.

11.  To build a bridge between material and spiritual realms and to collect the best parts of the Science, Christianity, Occultism and the Urantia-book. This is rereplatonism, reanthroposophism and regnosticism (at least regnosis).

12.  To give the biggest honor of the Creator of all this gloriousness, Eternal Consciousness and Infinite Wisdom, timeless and limitless.

Many people think now that this is inferior self exalting to the level of God. This is not exalting of any individual human, but every people, the value of the whole mankind to the level it belongs as a delegate of God in this existence. At the same way the whole creation, fauna, flora, even the iotas of minerals, raise in value, because they are similarly bits of God. When understanding this the responsibility on the entirety increases and egoism decreases. Also vain fears disappear and we are able to perform our forthcoming tasks with the best possible way, like God was operating at our place. This is where the HUT-theory is heading and that is why it should replace the nowadays bad worldviews.

The insights come up by the HUT-theory will in the beginning surely feel incredible, they are far away from the official science or widely spread religions, besides oriental ones. Everyone however, understands that the perceptions of the science and Christianity are so far away from each others that at least one of them must be wrong or at least far from the Truth. Rather science is still far away and Christianity wrong at least what comes to those parts, which the science has been able to strongly prove. When the knowledge of the different parties starts to analyze and seeks for the suitable bits to build up an impact view of the whole, hardly winds up anything else but just the insights of the HUT-theory. The old version includes collected also the references of the best insights of one hundread philosophers and thinkers additional to the many scientific and esoteric literal pearls. Who manages to read them thoughtfully, at least learns to understand, how the HUT-theory has been developed to these incredible proportions. I just hope that as many as possible managed to engross and share these insights especially useful for the mankind.