Picture of the apple is a metaphor of the entire Truth, a philosopher's stone or the bowl of Gral. Religious side tries to understand mental matters from above assuming the goal. Scientific starts below. Neither gets deeper than surface. Such doctrines like anthroposophy and theosophy depict core points of the spiritual world. In between both up- and downward there are too much unknown, which is crucial to understand the entirety. HUT is for now the best possible intact worldview, which connects scientific, mental and religious and shows current weaknesses of both scientific and religious parties. Religious is a natural choice of the rover of the way of emotion and scientific one of the way of knowledge. Both stay readily one-sided. Both are needed and moreover the mental core like anthroposophy. HUT includes the entire knowledge arranged a clear worldview, though called a theory. Philosophy covers in principal all the sectors of knowledge, but does not get to the core of mental. Platon seems to be the last philosopher, who managed all the sectors. He was also enlightened.

    HUT-theory is firmly based on scientific fundamentals. The newest theories that science has introduced, String and Information field theories are its backbone. The standard theory that modern science still prefers is based on particles and overall ether is rejected because of the special relativity theory. Scientists rather talk about Higg's field, which is maintained by mediation of Higg's bosons.

    Problems have started to assemble on the standard theory, though in Cern they think the Higg's boson is already found. The basic question bothers: What is even the smallest particle made of? Theosophy defines heavenly bubble and root substance. Another painful question for the science: Why there are more matter than antimatter? Both should be born equal amount, so they would have destroyed each others, but the matter won.

    Recent findings dark matter and dark energy are unknown to our science. Particularly the 'negative' gravity of the latter is difficult to explain without some kind of the existence of the basic ether or potential power. The Big Bang in the beginning is already a clear evidence of this. The science offers coincidence and compulsion to be the creators of everything and that is superstition. About the origin of the potential behind all this we can only state that this unknown force to us must prevail outside or above the time space. Actually our consciousness must be its offspring, so it cannot be quite unknown.

    Our science does not understand even the elements of the origin of life. How a pile of molecules is got to grow, reproduce, breath and move; not to mention thinking and consciousness. Our science denies existence of the thought energy. Then telepathy, clairvoyance, power of praying, even will power and vitality are questionable. The whole humanity, all that is mental are forced to disqualify. However the function of DNA is not understood: What gets certain genes to activate in the right order, how the stem cells specialize and how the important adaptive characters parents have learnt can be transmitted immediately to the newborn offsprings? How in general has it been possible that offsprings inherit better quality, though the genes are just mixed?

    Still one more remarkable scientific phenomenon, which requires information energy. The entanglement phenomenon means that e.g. the alignment of the photons of the laser beam (spin) have shifted en route of 143 km faster than the speed of light. Similarly the change of the quantum states of atoms or teleportation has succeeded through the electromagnetic insulator. Also so called memory of water (or liquid) has been already observed and verified by two research groups, until a group of scepticists 'by force' screwd up a negative result. This would have proven the principle of the homeopathy correct.

    Quite in the beginning of the Big Bang in the timespan 10-35 - 10-33 second according to the calculations the space must have expanded nearly 1080 fold, so the speed has been much faster than the speed of light. Only the condensed and thinned spots started to slow down. The speed of light is natural limit for the individualizing matter and the spiritual world 'lives' above the speed of light.

1.   As most of the scientific theories people have created are supposing, that all material and energy are constructed of very tiny particles, 'primary atoms' or Higgs' bosons, the HUT-theory suggests, that there exists perfect energy, where every part and deviaton is fully symmetrically balanced or in harmony.

2.   As the science regards it self-evident, that energy has always been divided into various disparities, the HUT-theory says that the perfect energy is completely unpartitioned, symmetric in every direction all the time, homogenously influencing force. It is like a sea with water drops, but the borders are invisible. As the science does not acknowledge any kind of medium, which would transmit all kinds of energy types, so for the HUT-theory it is clear, that the perfect flexibility of the perfect energy is continuously everywhere. That is Absolute defined by the oriental philosophy of religion.

3.   The scientific view regards coincidence as a first source of everything and the space contained nothing before the Big Bang. HUT-theory says, that in this emptiness it prevailed a potential, Eternal Conciousness and infinite Wisdom, which splitted the emptiness into counterpairs and moved them apart.

4.   As the science cannot understand, what it is inside the smallest particle and what kind of an influence it is causing, so the HUT-theory tells, that it is a restrained volume of the perfect energy and its unsymmetry determines the influence. Matter and antimatter have opposite vibrations and so the condensed and thinned spots are variating. Because the latter has more thinned spots, its lifespan is shorter and therefore matter has been winning.

5.   As the science cannot know, and does not even seem to want to, what the spiritual energy is, so it is sound and clear for HUT-theory, that the variations of the perfect energy, the vibrations it updates, are the finest possible spiritual or information energy, so called Dark matter. As the science does not understand, what causes the gravity, for HUT-theory it is clear that it is a static type of the kinetic energy (negative gravity). Remark that antimatter has the same gravity, not antigravity.

6.   As the science cannot comprehend, from where the huge power of the Big Bang and the great expanding speed came from, so the HUT-theory says, that inside the perfect energyt here is an enormous potential, which is released as kinetic energy causing infinite initial velocity for the first vibrations. But it slowed down quickly when the energy deviations collided with each others. The known accelerating expansion means that still more perfect energy is released and the kinetic energy pushes apart massparticles like antigravity. When the power of this Absolute has exhausted, The black holes draw in all the masses and transform it via mental to perfect energy. Every cycle like this superadds amount of the perfect energy, which in the next cycle suffices to expand the time space more extensive and longlasting.

7.   As the science does not know, how the quantities, time and volume (space), frequency and wavelength could disappear, vanish in a singularity or become infinite, so the HUT-theory tells, that these virtual quantities exist only where there are temporary and local fluctuation of energy.

8.   As according to the special relativity theory the speed of light is the highest possible, so the HUT-theory says, that it is a limit only for the matter, which is hostage to the gravity. The information or mental energy has no individual particles, so it is more free from the gravity and travels in the media faster than light, the faster the higher frequency As individuals all the particles move much slower than the vibrations which created them.

9.   As the science is unaware, how the primary particles have been built up, so for the HUT-theory it is sound and clear that they are 'badly knotted up' condensed and/or thinned perfect energy. As the science is also unaware, how atoms, elements and materials have been born, so it is clear for the HUT-theory, that they are caused by the unsymmetric forces striving after the balance and finally returning back to the perfect energy via the spiritual intermediate phase.

10.  As the science does not know, where the life started and why everything is evolving into more and more complex compounds, so the HUT-theory claims it is due to that refundable force of Absolute, which tends back to symmetry and harmony, perfect again. We can call it even the Love of God. Within suitable circumstances restoring is so fast process, that organic life is born.

11.  As the science does not know, why all the materials are aging and organisms, like man, too, grow old, so for the HUT-theory it is self-evident, that the internal vibrations gradually open the knots created, when the material was condensed.

12.  As science and even philosophy aim to divide all concepts into tiny details, so HUT-theory seeks for connections and simple generalizations, great entity. As religional doctrines seek for consolation and relief from the troubles of life, the HUT-theory emphasizes the importance of mental evolvement and adversities are necessary 'nourishment' for the growth of soul. Actually just this winning the hardships leads to happy life.

    We could continue this list far more. Surely we will be faced at so problematic matters, that also HUT-theory can bring us only guesses. The most difficult ones are the concept of Grace and the doctrine of Reincarnation. They are the choices of God, as the creation of this whole time space; so we can only make guesses. But if guessing is based on something, it is better than nothing.

    From the scientific point of view HUT-theory is not even a proper theory, because it is just descriptive, and it is not formulated by the mathematical equations. It is a scientifically based philosophic study, as encompassing analysis and synthesis as possible using the modern knowledge of the mankind. Perhaps it is exceptionally deeply probing and however it is really interesting and intact entirety. As it fits so well in everything, that certainly proves something, too. This could well be the bowl of Gral, which was lost sometimes in the 400-century, when gnosticism was persecuted.