1. In the beginning there must have existed a potential, that was able to start to occupy time and space. Oriental religional philosophy calls it Eternal Consciousness and Infinite Wisdom.

  2. To occupy time and space from emptiness and fulfill it with His own consciousness Wisdom or Oneness had to divide Himself into three part: Superpersonal Wisdom created a thought or plan or Word, which completed in the timeless and limitless immediately. The personality, Son of God, started to conquer time and space leading to diversified variations before reaching the perfectness. He had to redivide the consciousness of the Wisdom to infinitely many parts, numbers, which finally included just a bit of perfect.

  3. The third party is impersonal Absolute, in the beginning perfect symmetric energy, harmonic peace without even a slightest temporary or finite deviation. It has an adjustable ability to form energy variations, vibrations, condensed and thinned out spots.

  4. Suddenly the Big Bang shattered the peace of emptiness and a series of vibrations, which soon expanded to explosive chaos. The energy of Absolute discharged as kinetic energy. Vibrations started to gyrate back and forth and when confronted they accumulated into still more complex condensates and thinnings. Kinetic energy changed partly to static gravity. Collisions grew stronger and energy was further changed to heat and pressure.

  5. The timespace was born, the part of Absolute fractioned by the energy variations. This imperfect energy caused temporary and finite condensatens and thinnings. These even many orders of magnitude sized bunches of condensates and thinnings, which alternate in the pace of the vibrations, we call Information or Influence (briefly iv-)particles and the influence they carry information or mental (spiritual) energy.

  6. When energy was further condensed, irreversible accumulations, primary particles, started to be born. Their unsymmetry (spin) or 'ionization' externalizes as three influences or basic forces: electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear force. These together with the influences of the iv-particles tend to find more symmetric accumulations like nucleus of atoms, atoms and molecules. Deficiencies lead further to the born of materials and finally organisms.

  7. The enormous kinetic force of the perfect energy has 'fallen' many orders of magnitude slower moving energy variations, which have less degrees of freedom. States of energy are defined now as our known elements: 1. Kinetic or Dark energy, 2. Gravity or Dark matter, 3. Heat or Fire, 4. Air or Gas, 5. Water or Liquid and 6. Mineral or Soil element. Of course the seventh (or first) is the perfect energy.

  8. All the upper ones belong also to the lower one. These energy phases can also be separated according to their level of fineness, frequency and wave length: Soil element is composed of atoms or vicinity of nanometer. Water element is estimated double nano or the smallest particles are about the size of 10-18 meter. Air element would then include three fold nano or the particles of the size 10-27 m. Fire element would include the finest possible particles or quanta at least to the vicinity of the the length of Planck or even the observed granulation of the space or gravity quantum, 10-48 m. In some phase the speed overcomes the increase of the frequency and the wave length starts to lengthen and so also the vibrations or iv-particles created. Then the span of the kinetic energy goes up to the perfect, the frequency and wave length of which are infinite.

  9. The Son of God has shared Consciousness and personality, Absolute energy and frames, which has enabled the descent of the Consciousness to experience even the soil element. It has been at the same time individualization process, mental and physical evolution. The evolution of the species is a small part of this whole evolution, which has started immediately after the Big Bang. The Consciousness has descented element by element. First the models or frames of the bodies were developed: I version of the physical frame in the fire element, then in the air element II physical and I etheric, during the third phase in the water element III physical, II etheric and I astral model were built. We live now sc Earth-phase, when the IV physical, III etheric final molds and II astral and I mental are developed. Molds or invisible models, ideas of Platon, formed from iv-particles, attract substances surroundings make possible to form a concrete aggregation accordingly corresponding various states of matter.

 10. So the physicaletheric bodyhood corresponds soil element and Consciousness has only mineral individuality. If the circumstances allow individualization advances to the fineness of the water element, which means at best born of plants, thus organisms, which can grow both size and number or multiply in time and space, ie. flora. Further bodyhood can progress to the level of the air element and get breathing and moving beings born, ie. fauna. Beings having the ordered fineness of the fire element then possess individual consciousness, ie. mankind.

11.  So the individual bodyhood of man started in the mineral world, whose polymorphism is sufficient to maintain collective consciousness only in the size of the whole globe. Evolvement of the plants allowed the born of the souls of the plant domains. Then the sophistication of one species of plants with all its individuals could form a constitution for consciousness to settle in the astral level. Fauna went on and consciusness individualized to groupsouls. When animals developed the groups got smaller so that the homo sapiens was able to possess an individual soul of its own. Consciousness was still loosely committed just observing the surroundings with gradually improving senses and brains. Adam and Eve were probably the first human beings, whose brain capacity was sophisticated enough to receive an individual consciousness, mental spirit or higher ego.

 12. Consciousness or perfect energy was scattered into innumerable so small bits that they had forgotten where they came from. They just sensed the secular world and the brains processed the information supplied by the senses. Man was now totally individual and free from the higher collective control or the free will was attained. He was now destined with its experiences to grow his understanding or mental consciousness, expand the bestowed seed, divine spark, towards the higher frequencies or extents, more perfect wisdom. At the same time emptiness will be conquered and the perfect part of Absolute increases. Cycle by cycle Absolute will grow to eternal infinity and us the consciousnesses of men as Its fragments to indefinitely large.

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