1. Who is devoted to the science is generally atheist and believes that the coincidence has created the whole universum. It is however easy to deduce, like the most intelligent man (IQ 204 in 2000) has proven: To believe in the coincidence is pure superstition.

  2. Man is sensitive to miracles and supernaturals. Visions and manifestations fascinate and their plausible message is believed without critics. It is also easy to deduce that the more concrete and meaningless manifestation, voice or vision, the lower spirit is in question. We have over 200 religions and countless sects, which claim the manifestations their own prophet has received are only right ones and yet they conflict with each others. The highest spirits start to control mankind only in great emergency and they give their instructions via wise and enlightened persons as tender whispers or just thoughts.

  3. Ancient sc. mystery religions were based on the doctrines received from the higher spirits, when the consciousness of men was still collectively in the higher levels. In the physical world we were just animals with herd souls. When man gained enough brain capacity the consciousness could come down or divide individual in the sense kingdom. Meanwhile the connection to the higher spiritual world was cut, so that man would act according to his free will. Inter alia Veda writings were born first by the consciousness in the spiritual world, were remained in it's memory millions of years and only when man's physical part had achieved speak and writing skill, the old memory records were brought to the form of the currently known Veda writings. At the same time they lost much of their power because of the confined concepts. The Truth was spalled and man lost the key to it as a price of the free will. Now the debris of the Truth has to be collected together again and accumulated to the correctly ordered entity, good harmony.

  4. Current main religions, sc. Abrahamistic or Judaism, Christianity and Islam with all their variations have been based on the Earth salience. Mankind has been the only kingdom of beings and the Creator of the Earth the Lord of the whole timespace. They have resisted throughout their entire history the scientific progress, because it has verified the incoherence of their doctrines. Now our science has estimated that there are even million trillions stars with planets in the timespace. The number is greater than how many grains of sand there are in Sahara. The Infinte Wisdom, the real Creator of everything looking at the point of the timespace, has delegated small tasks, like creation of the Globe to much smaller spirits. The quick-tempered and condemning God of the Old Testament, who appeared to the prophets of the chosen people, Israel, is quite well one of the kind.

  5. Gnostics had a clear conception, that the Creator of the Earth was not the Main God. This demiurgy they regarded high-handed, who had created the Globe and man contrary to the will of God. To create man he needed still the help of his 'moteher' Sofia. Demiurgy created still his own groups of angels and he proclaimed to be the only god. Also the incidents of the Paradise fall into new light. So the manifested god must have been the demiurgy and naturally he denied Adam and Eve to eat the fruits of the tree of knowledge, because he was afraid the truth of his smallness would be revealed. Gnostic writings told that the snake, who persuaded to eat the fruits of the tree of knowledge, was not less than the Christ, who testified that men would escape the reign of the demiurgy only by the help of knowledge. This explains why the above-mentioned religions emphasize grace instead of the knowledge and mental development.

  6. In the Old Testament, Genesis 6:4, the book of Daniel and the three books of Enoch there are talks about the semigods, 'Watchers' or fallen angels, who possessed greater powers than people, but they were lust for the daughters of the Earth and had offspring of these unions, which were called Nephilims, savage giants, who pillaged the earth and endangered humanity. The Great Flood was said to get rid off the nephilims. Steiner tells about the more evolved kingdom of beings that was transfered to the Sun, but whose retarded individuals had to stay on the earth, but they did not need to have physical body. Their consciousness was in the astral realm, like the people then, too. However, theirs was individualized, while men's soul still lived the state of the species and herd soul and the consciousness was collectively in the higher level. Steiner tells that the fall of the mankind happened just in the astral level, where the consciousness or (self)spirit could not yet influence sufficiently. This suits to Atlantis epoch, when man lived in the astral realm and it's corruption meant disorder of the astral energies, which appeared in the physical part as disdevelopable dinosaurs.

  7. Many ancient myths, legends, even present national epics have belonged to the phase when man's consciousness was in the astral. There the miracles of the semigods, great evildoers and also heros can be understood. The Great Flood, Noah's ark, Paradise etc. are obvious incidents in the astral ream, memories of which have left to live in the gross consciousness of the mankind. How much that group of the semigods have been influencing on everything and who are their offspring today, it is perplexing question? The path of torments of the mankind seems to be needlessly inhuman. Even today one can find texts, where the more intelligent creatures blended in the mankind hold the entire political and economical power of the world in hands of the secret society.

  8. Gaze is turnt by force to the acts of the Abrahamistic religions, when they appeal to the Bible, teachings of Christ and the authorization given by God to churchy organizations. They ragarded justified to take along into the Bible certain gospels and others were proclaimed heresy and destroyed as carefully as possible. Otherwise believing people were persecuted till death, the Gnostics had to hide themselves behind the secret societies, Chatars etc. were killed to the last person. Tedious people, including even many scientists, were proclaimed witches and killed, often in a crude way. The seeking for the Truth with it's path of knowledge did not fit, when authority was to concentrate to church. Reincarnation doctrine was abandoned by the ordinance of the Pope in 500 and the spirit of man was abridged in the synod of the year 869. Because it was not admissible for an individual to develope his own mentality and it's resumption from one life to another. It would have made the Church and priests unnecessary, like Gnostics did not have any. The inner decline of the churchy organization enabled the reformation, which however remained quite incomplete, but the dispersion of Church to multiple religions enabled the Enlightenment. Mankind has today divided to heavily conservative believers and those free thinkers who have been released from the old dogmas, but who regretfully have become atheists believing only in the science by coincidence.

  9. Christ taught that God is the heavenly Father, who loves gently everyone. He urged us to love our neighbours like ourselves. This rule is realized among the religious still at least as seldom as among those, who have differed from the church. Gnostics also claimed that Christ did not suffer from the crucifiction, and he was not particularly sacrificial victim to atone for our sins. Why the loving Father would want His Son to be sacrified in the cross. The spirit of Christ was seceded from the body of Jesus before the greatest suffering. Clairvoyants said they saw the spirit of Christ to sit on the upper log of the cross. Steiner talked about the Christ "incentive" meaning that He showed by his example and guided with the Sermon on the Mount, how to live the astral body into order or good harmony. He also dethroned the demiurgy with his servants from the reign of the astral realm, so that these could no more override man's free will. The conversation in the desert Christ against Lusifer and Ahriman would have ended so that Ahriman finally said that because man needs metal to get his nutrition, he is exposed to selfish acts and desires power and honour - "and that is what I am going to exploit, and there is nothing You can do for it". Christ did not answer, but went away sorrowfully. Our history shows that Ahriman with his servants has been really active.

 10. The mankind is only a small paert of the Grand Entity. A big number of the beings with consciousness developes, however, without organic life. We have been reported that the Solar system would contain about 900 billion beings including 10 to 20 billions. The most of them are invisible to us, but get individualized in the astral realm utilizing planetary soil, liquid and gas elements. The most of them are probably ahead of mankind. The evolution of mankind has occurred in the beginning together with all the beings meant to get individualized in the whole timespace. While the space expanded and consciousness divided to smaller and smaller bits and fell lower, bodies localized in their own galaxies and planet systems. Eventually the individualized consciousnesses expand correspondingly and join into the infinitely grand family. We can already regard being the citizens of the Universum.

 11. What is expected the citizen of the Universum to do? Altruistic acts according to the benefits of the Universum with those abilities one has got. Man's talents are still moderate and only rather small acts of love can be expected. He must however, try to raise the welfare of his neighbours at least to his own level. Additionally to the deeds of love he should deepen his understanding, which expands the mental consciousness or soul towards wisdom. First man is obliged to fight against his own mind to restrain it's self-destructive lusts. Step by step man sees himself as a part of the large whole, with whom he will also either do well or suffers. How many of us is still to experience multiple secular lifes or to travel through a long path due to our own individualization and specialization? We can self influence on that with our free will.

 12. We do have free will within these relatively small frames. But this if any is important time to acquire individual unique experiences. Though our selections are already known in the eternity, they are now in this important moment our own ones. Present endows us the possibility of utilizing perfect energy. First it is fumbling and we are suffering scarcity of energy. While our understanding lifts the level of our altruism, we will obtain in place more power of universal love existing everywhere abundantly. One cannot own it, it only transfixes us when we give it away. The more we get the more we yield forward. At the same time it 'anoints', nourishes and breeds our soul. The grace means that there is enough time for even the rover of the long path. Finally everyone will become perfect, but the individual evolution will keep us apart, though we will share also the experiences of others in our consciousness.