1.   The phases of energy can be divided to universes, levels of different frequency-wavelengths, finesse or density grades or elements. Oriental philosophy names these from uppermost to lowest as follows: 1. Mahaparanirvana, the Infinite Wisdom above all. 2. Paranirvana, the Perfect Soul of the Universum, Logos and Absolute. 3. Nirvana, the perfect heaven of the Super Self, potential of the kinetic energy. 4. Buddhi, the element of the information and gravity. 5. Causal heat or fire element. 6. Mental is the lowest genuine spiritual world, air or gas element. 7. Astral is the counterpart of material or water element. The lowest, stiffest and densest physical etheric soil element.

2.   The corresponding size classes defined by the frequencies and wavelengths are divided as follows: The physical etheric is built of atoms and elementary particles, ie. mineral kingdom. The frequency rate of the specific vibrations of the astral or material particles runs from zero to about 1020 Hz. The corresponding level of finesse or size class reaches two nanos or about 10-18 meters. This intelligent organization of the finest particles of the water element enables organic growth and reproduction or plant kingdom. Mental can reach 1050 Hz and threefold nanos. This intelligent organization of the finest particles of the air element enables breathing and moving of the organic piles of molecules or animal kingdom. Causal reaches already about 10100 Hz and even below the Planck's length < 10-35 meters. This fire element enables upkeep of the seed of consciousness or mankind. In the Buddhi the growth of the frequency causes so enormous increase of the speed that also the wavelength starts to lengthen. All the shapes disappear, there are only vibrating waves. The share of the symmetric energy is so large, that the stable range can even reach the size of the solar system. Nirvana represents then the size of the galaxy and paranirvana the size of the whole time space the frequency verging on about 10500 times per second. Elements are overlapping, so are also these grand spiritual beings, the largest having all the consciousness included in the time space.

3.   The mankind has evolved in the control of the Wisdom that appears as consciousness starting already from the Big Bang. Development has happened as the personalized spiritual evolution or the polarization of the consciousness of Son/Super Soul via (group)group souls to individual mental selfs. On the other hand Absolute has adapted the corresponding density grade of the levels of the bodies, where the consciousness can set. Upper level created first a mold, model or idea, radiating field of forces, which collects particles of the density grade of the lower level building these up to the bodyhood suitable for the active functioning in that level.

4.   In the hot nebulas born by the Big Bang there started the existence of the mankind and also other kingdoms of beings as 'heatflows', as Steiner has depicted. The first and most fine-grained construction of the physical mold was evolved maybe during about three billion years. For the erstwhile collective consciousness it has seemed only some modern man's life of scant hundread years. The next phase consisted of living in big stars as gaseous 'sighs'. The second construction of the physical and the first etheric molds comprising finesse grade of the threefold nanos were evolved with the assistance of the specific servicing spiritual beings also developing themselves. The consciousness was now a collective groupsoul of groups in the buddhi level. This phase may have also lasted three billion modern years and was ended when the star exploded as Supernova. The third phase existed in the material disc or wheel created by the explosion and it included also heavy elements. The life comprised of 'splashes' in the liquid element. The construction of the third physical, second etheric and first astral molds were born by the two nanos finesse grade. The consciousness descended to more numerous groupsouls.

5.   About five billion years ago started this known current Earth-phase. First in the middle of the material disc was grown the largest accrual, where the starlike heatfusion was ignited, ie, Sol. Other part of the disc was divided to the smaller planets, which orbited Sol with the different distances. One of them was Earth, which was still divided in two or the Moon was born and started to orbit the bigger part. First the 'testing' of the mold of the fire element level was repeated and actual individualization occurred in the mineral kingdom. It suits to be sc. Mu-epoch about five to three billion years ago. The Earth's surface was covered by water and individualization continued to the level of the water element, vesicles, microbes and cells were evolved. This sc. Lemur-epoch lasted from three billion to 1000 million years ago. Consciousness experienced still collectively larger entities and timespans living more in the spiritual existence.

6.   The following epoch created atmosphere and raised land above the sea surface. Actual transformation of the physical body started. Team work of the small particles, merging of the microbes into cells and their specialization begän to produce more and more complex organisms. Real evolution of species got started and individualization progressed to the finesse grade of the air element. Plants stayed in the level of the water element, animals utilized also the air element, which made their more sophisticated features and large variability possible. Consciousness could descend till the astral level. It was a high mental culture created there, which we know as the Atlantis-epoch. Consciousness eperienced the millions of years first still as tens and then hundreads of years. So the lifes seemed as long as the current ones, though in fact they were millions of the present Earth's years. The second construction of the astral mode was evolving, when something unnecessary happened. A mark of it was the dinosaurs Siitä merkkinä olivat hirmuliskot, which were a threat to the intended evolution process due to their big size and need of nutrition. The mental culture created by the 'people' of Atlantis started to decay and the epoch ended when an asteroid fell to the peninsula of the Youkatan about 65 million years ago. The tsunami, Bible's Deluge and the following very cold period destroyed the dinosaurs. The story of Noah's ark depicts how the molds of the 'decent' animals were collected and retained pass this trial period.

7.   The current physical-etheric epoch started, when the Earth had recovered from the disaster of the asteroid. Steiner divides it into 7 periods, of which the first one he called ancient-indian. During it mammals evolved substantially and their senses made it possible already to study primitively the physical world. Consciousness and individualization was developed from souls of species to souls of herds and also the size of herds began to decrease. The connection to the spiritual world was still strong and inter alia the teachings known as Veda- books were born. They were naturally only in the astral memory and the written versions saw the daylight only much later loosing a great part of their depth. This was the time of the consolidation of the physical, etheric and astral molds. The next ancient-persian period we can regard to start when the great apes were born or about 5-7 million years ago. It resulted in the evolution of the homo sapiens, about 200 000 years ago. It permitted an individualized own soul to everyone. Consciousness still lived more in the spiritual realm and some were able to 'discuss' with quite high spirits.

8.   The third period Steiner calls caldean-egyptian, which is already our known historical time about 4000 - 1000 BC. During it the molds were evolved so that an individual consciousness, mental self, mental body, could totally join into their resources. Adam and Eve were quite well the first 'perfect' human beings and the timing of the old Testament scant 7000 years ago fits to the picture. Steiner says that a bigger part of the mankind was endowed with the mental self only about 1000 BC. When the consciousness descended totally to the world of senses must have felt like deportation from the Paradise. However, it was necessary so that man could taste free will, to secede from the control of the higher spirits. The state when an individual is separated from it's collective herd 'consanguinity', the Bhatavad Gita depicts as Krishna guides Ayurveda to fight on the other side as those, who he regarded as blood brothers, part of himself. This denoted the born of the current largest possible sense of time, too.

9.   The fourth period is greco-latin about 1000 BC - 1400 AD. Christ's secular life in the bodyhood of Jesus in the beginning of our common era, can be regarded as a culmination point, ie. the halfway of the middle phase, middle epoch and middle period. The philosophy of Antiquity developed owing to the mental self and still memorized spiritual knowledge, now called mystery religions. The gnosticism digested much of them and merged them to the teachings of Christ. Catolic church developed to resist individualization and free will leading mankind into the dark middle age instead of strengthening them and guided to the mental development and expansion of the individual consciousness. Ages of the renaissance and enlightenment were needed to revert mankind to the path of knowledge, get wiser towards the Truth.

10.  So the current fifth period has prevailed about 600 years and as the counterpair of the third one it will continue still about 2400 years. During it the mankind should examine thoroughly the phenomena of the world and get wise to see their deep spiritual causes. The sixth and seventh periods guide the consciousness of the mankind back to the astral realm, but now also all the time strongly connected to the world of senses. The fifth epoch is the counterpair of the Atlantis, during which the civilization encompasses secular and astral, both sides being in good harmony and cooperation. At Atlantis-epoch mankind didn't notice to create monsters to the physical side. Today people do not comprehend to be creating monsters to the astral realm, where the 'particles' of the water element or the finesse of two nanos should be ordered intellectually, balanced harmony. The following epochs lead us totally independent of the organic life and the Globe.

11.  Steiner lists still the following phase after Earth as Jupiter, where the mental intellect of the mankind bites into the finesse of the three nanos of the airelement. In the sixth phase evolution continues to the finest level of the fire element. And the seventh last phase leads to the expansion of the consciousness like gravity element when material is transforming perfect via spiritual, as the Black Holes seem to operate. These phases last again billions of years, but feel only thousands for the consciousness. The present hardships are small retards in this entire evolution. As individuals we can choose shorter or longer path, but the result will be same. Here in the existence of free will we can be individualized as versatile as possible. In continuation higher control starts to make perfect accumulated energies and their variation is limited as well.

12.  Our perfect self is same as Super Self, expanded consciousness, who is sending us from the 'future' the plan of souls, which are completed by the mental self and soulplans, which create personal features for each life and 'corrections' demanded by the law of Karma. In the new cycle our Super Self, then called as Super Soul operates as a dividing consciousness, as Christ has been to us. Those new seeds of the consciousness are expanding again via various phases to new Super Selves and expand the Super Soul from the planetary kingdom to even size of the galaxy. Cycle by cycle consciousness is expanding covering finally the infinite Oneness. Our current life stays small component, a drop in that infinite sea.