1.   Time, space and numbers are variables, which form the timespace we know or Universum. There are other quantities, which form their own universes. They can intersect our timespace. For instance Wisdom composes a quantity, which can vary from zero to infinity. According to the oriental philosophy of religion the genesis and completion has been just the Infinite Wisdom, also called Eternal Consciousness. This has been the potential, which has been able to start invasion of the time-space from nothingness by splitting virtual energy cells to counterparts and separating them to energy variations.

2.   The timeless and limitless Wisdom, Oneness would have badly fit to the imperfect timespace, therefore He had to make a division to the Triune God: 1. Superpersonal God created a plan, Thought, Word, which was immediately ready, limitless in the timelessness. The Word built the secular and limited timespace, 2. the personal Son of God, the Whole Spirit of this virtual realm getting perfect, the Soul of the Universum, Logos, who will be perfect when timespace becomes eternal and infinite. His consciousness may experience it like one of our lifetimes. 3. The Absolute is impersonal energetic backbone, which adaptively transforms to different phases from the perfect energy via spiritual energy till material.

3.   The basic energy of the timespace is in the beginning perfect; it can be defined perfectly symmetric, homogenic and harmonic as the string theory predicts. It's counterparts are superpartners, which together form totally unvariable state, fully invisible and undetectable outside. There time and space loose their meaning. It is like water drops in a sea. With competent hands it can be adapted to different sized 'drops', basic cells. When symmetry and balance are disturbed it's inner energy is erupted to time and space as huge kinetic energy.

4.   The Big Bang started the eruption of the basic media of perfect energy forming energy variations, vibrations, which like a chain reaction caused a disharmonic chaos. The kinetic energy started from the state of the infinite frequency and wave length and created gradually decelerating energy variations. According to the inflation theory timespace expanded a racing moment faster than the speed of light. Then back and forth bouncing vibrations were impacting, integrating and accumulating, the kinetic energy was partly transformed into static or gravity, pressure and heat. This kinetic energy is known to our science as the sc. dark energy.

5.   There were formed in the basic media energy condensates and thinnings, which constructed more and more complex and longer lasting 'particles'. Shifting from vibration to longer aging particle causes dualistic behaviour, wavefront and individual particles. We can now define that the oscillation of the media, where there are condensing and thinning in the pace of the frequency, forms temporarily individual particles, which we call information or influence, briefly iv-particles. Their unsymmetry creates momentarily forcelike influences. The basic media can oscillate quite long at one time and even influences last that time. This is information or spiritual energy. There exists a hypothetic information field theory, which calls iv-particles as fitons, which can move billion times faster than the speed of light. According to HUT they are making headwave by the speed comparable to their frequency, which starts from the speed of light and rises till infinity.

6.   One of the features of the basic media is to strive to return energy variations back to the symmetric balance, which causes our known forces and also some that we can feel. When frequency approaches infinite, also the speed grows to infinite or variations disappear, time and space exist no more. The basic vibration itself or information advances fast, individual particles instead leave behind like standing, the speed of light being their maximum. Intervening of the wavefronts creates naturally both standing and extinguishing waves. Former are more stationary aggregations of the spiritual energy, which exist also around a source of the continuous radiator. This is how sc. dark matter can be explained, which is mainly astral light as called esoterically.

7.   When many wavefronts collide strongly in different angles they form so complex compilations of the condensates and thinnings that they can create such a 'knot', the restoring is lacking behind the frequency variations. This is how the known elementary particles with longer lifespan are born. They are always formed in pairs, the more condensed spot forms a bunch of condensates and more thinned spot a bunch of thinnings, matter contrast to antimatter particles. Because a particle of matter is more tight, it is knotted more and becomes steady earlier than the thinner particle of antimatter. So matter particles are born more and some are still left even after united when the both do vanish.

8.   Asymmetry of the elementary particles creates the known three basic forces: Electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear force. After having the zenith disharmony started gradually and naturally to return back to harmonic, symmetric form by the action of the basic forces. This caused the born of atoms and material and getting continuously more complex. Stars began to operate as strengthening sources of the energy variations. Black Holes are functioning to align the 'mature' condensates or they transform matter into vibrations, via gravity and kinetic energy to perfect harmony and symmetry.

9.   The refundable process of the material creates in the suitable circumstances so quick phasing of energy that we call it organic life. Striving to perfect guides also the development from material to finer spiritual energy and further perfect. The microcosmos of the atoms like the whole space is full of vibrating energy, which has various effects. Because the timespace is expanding with accelerating velocity, it means that the Absolute is still discharging new kinetic energy. Obviously the Absolute has obtained supplements by cycles. Our science has revealed from the background radiation orbicular structures, whic are assumed to be expanding maxima of the previous cycles. The size of the first cycle could have been very modest, but it has created more perfect energy, which has induced to the larger cycle. Now we are at least in the third cycle, which has already outpaced the extent of the previous cycle. To conquer the infinite nothingness takes at our time eternity or inifinite number of cycles are needed. This is breathing of Brahma as oriental philosophy of the religion calls it. Together with the kinetic energy and refundable force endow sc. vital energy to the organisms.

10.  Molecules and material particles have their own specific vibrations, of the lower frequency coarser influencal energy, which is called astralic, 'meat' engaged spiritual energy. It constitutes our low, 'animalistic' lusts, emotions, thoughts and even dreams. There exists lower negative and higher astral energy connected more to the abstractions. The quality of our nutrition, it's vitality, is depending on these specific vibrations and the iv-particles they create. Sc. virtual- or intermediate particles, like photons, are the largest iv-particles, which can phase to permanent elementary particles, light when having a small additional quant. Large iv-particles can be called also vital or etheric particles.

11.  The spiritual energy which has higher frequency than astral is called mental energy, where our best, noble emotions and thoughts come up to. They gradually grow our mental consciousness or immortal soul when uniting with the 'heavenly' partner or Mental Self. The more and higher frequencies soul energy consists of, the more real and comprehensive consciousness becomes and understanding grows to wisdom. This is when mental body includes expanding homogenous, symmetric, harmonic or volumes of the perfect energy. The perfect energy includes, however, all the components, which have belonged to it during it's different phases of incompleteness. Every experience with it's influences has only gained suitable compensating countereffect, so that the symmetry and balance would prevail; it is also justice sc. law of Karma. Then alteration stops and the eternal harmony starts, inside which surely can occur rearrangements and 'life' by other variables.

12.  Every human being has a share in God, a bit of perfect, which appears as consciousness. It is so small that it has forgotten it's origin, which has enabled free will, separation from the higher control. All the experiences, thoughts and emotions expand our consciousness at the same time they conquer time-space nothingness and transform energy to perfect. At the end of this cycle our consciousness has expanded to cover perhaps the size of the solar system and the duration of the couple of ten billion years; it is sc. Super Self. In the next cycle we can function as Super Souls distributing our consciousness for the new beings that are individualizing. Their expansion to the size of the solar system expands our consciousness to cover perhaps the size of the galaxy and hundreads of billion years, etc., till our consciousness covers the infinity eternally and unites with the Universum.