1.   The calculated elaboration of the HUT-theory and writing started in the turn of the Millennium, but the basis was set already more than 30 years ago. In this page I report the current situation of the theory (January 2014). I am truely glad that now it is READY. But immediately we must add that the development hardly will ever stop! The theory includes so much interesting and good that I belief it is worth reading. In Finnish published book has 342 pages, Internet version about 50 pages more supplies. The oldest version includes 1000 pages in this net environment. It has been collecting the information. The next netbook appeared in 2011, 230 pages summary and new insights. The third version was initially ready 31.1.2012. It took ten months to improve it's text with the publisher's proofreader. It was written as harmonically and positively as possible and publishing date was harmonic 12.12.2012. The term vocabulary was separated as a net version, it can be updated when changes occur.

2.   The physical basis of the theory was established and written almost as a finalized version at the end of 2006 in Finnish. It was the result of the fourth almost entire rewriting of the 2nd section. The comparison to the achievements of the science has been regarded till today. The meaning of the consciousness was clarified only during 2012. Comparison to philosophy, theosophy and anthroposophy or section 4 in the old version has taken long time, but it has brought many useful enlightenments and consolidated the goodness of the theory. Section 5, applications should have been a quick rehearsal, but it took over three years. Surprisingly close similarity to the gnosticism was revealed in the beginning of the year 2013, followed by the public presentation arranged by the Gnostic association.

3.   The definition of the spiritual energy was included at the same time, but the final, also fourth revision of the 3rd section concerning the spiritual realm was finished in 2008. In addition to the Christianity I have made comparison to Theosophy (contains most of the oriental religions, too), Christosophy, the Urantia-book and the productions of K Riikonen, K Enqvist (zetetic) and partly P Ervast and some other smaller esoteric literal gems. However, the literature of R Steiner have been most valuable and guided to astonishing consequences.

4.   The 4th section of the old version about the Verticalism was finished in 2009 (in Finnish). It has specifically become an introduction and guide to the Vertical brainwork, but the above mentioned comparisons now take a lion's share. Echos of the Spiritual realm are still with it as one of the 12 chapters. A gem in the development of the Verticalism is the Truth/Potential pyramid, which nicely unifies the entire knowledge of the spiritual energy setting all the human actions and evolution in the easily comparable scale of values of the spirituality. Even every thought can be positioned in these axes and compared it's spiritual quality to other issues. I will also try to create a quantitative scale for it, so that it would be possible to 'measure' the level and amount of the spiritual energy of the thoughts capable of reaching the mental level. I have taken philosophers and various trends of philosophy for guinea pigs, but already now I have discovered, how fearsomely poor the result is, best human thinkers reaching in the scale of 12 steps only to the midpoint. For Psychology assertiveness would be brought up by the insight of the importance to balance the emotional, brainwork and will forces. Our science is lacking a motive, when the purpose of life is indeed missing.

5.   The section dealing with the Applications is surely the most interesting one for the main group of the readers. One can quite well begin the familiarization of the issue from that section, when the results of the theory will immediately tell what the theory is capable of. It was finished only during 2012. Setting the religions became surprisingly large, but I believe it will clarify considerably otherwise so blurred matter. The myths are amazingly meaningful and mentally deep. Modern science and religions are like child's play compared to them mentally. This is depressing to discover, but in accordance to the bloody history of the mankind. The mental science of Rudolf Steiner is rising strongly above all others. It is odd, that our intelligentsia does not even know the Christ-stimulus, which was already noticed by P Ervast and was included in the Christosophy. In the science chapter, comes the hologram as metaphor for the operation of the higher energy really interesting. Quite briefly one can read about these issues rather well in the large Summary (40 pages), which has been translated in English by my own defective skills (updated in May 2009, so the newest and most interesting dispensation is unfortunately missing). The Vocabulary of Terms is now a little bit behind the Finnish version (last update in January 2010). It is so extensive that one can get a good idea about the HUT-theory and its consequencies just by reading the terms. Now there are also two extensive slide collections with rich illustrations to be found, the links in the main page and "Hut in the Nutshell". English versions are coming soon.

6.   The comparison to the scientific and religional matters has reached the satisfying level. The contents of the old version will be kept original so that it can be used to get acquainted in the same pace with the author. There is a brief recapitulation of all chapters except from 5.6 to 5.12.

7.   All the contents of publishing occurs first in these pages and here they will be kept. The final book has been published in Finnish. If I will get some help for the translation, hopefully also the English version will be published in due time.

8.   Some persons with the true scientific perspective have been reading about the theory, but they haven't 'dared' to comment it. I have made a long discussion in the pages of the Skepsis ry (Finnish society of scepticism), but a winner could not be pronounced. HUT was not either proclaimed woo woo or poetry (maybe novel writing), which can be regarded a small victory. No one has, nevertheless, the whole Truth. Science can boast only when it has solved the puzzles of the dark energy and dark substance and is able to create life in the laboratory.

9.   For the scientific and esoteric magazines I would be ready to prepare texts, if they had some interest. The magazine "Minš Olen" (5/2013) has just published one story about HUT and another one about my son applying it in practise. It produced already the 8th WC medal in orienteering for him.

10.   A discussion board has been opened, and it has been already closed by the operator evidently because of the minor usage, regrettably the discussion has not started yet. But you may with my pleasure write to my email.

11.   I stoutly belief that already now it is worth reading these writings, for they do contain interesting even surprising conclusions, which nevertheless are well rationalized and harmonically outlined. At least they cannot bring any harm to anybody. A new perspective may open to each of us wider and hopefully leads to more positive vision of our world and purpose of our life. Number 7 dispersed the world (Truth) to time, number 12 harmonizes back to space and reality, higher universe, said Steiner.

12.   I wish the reader rewarding moments and excellent inspirations in developing one's own mental consciousness towards the perfect.

Here is a link to the 40-page Vocabulary of Terms.