1. Origin of energy? This is the most difficult question which can be answered only by guessing. Looking from the timespace on we can just state that something must have existed before sc. Big Bang, at least a potential to create this kind of the existence. It is something that is above or outside time, space and numbers, which actually are caused by the energy variations. This kind of the quantity is for instance wisdom, which can vary from zero to infinite wisdom. We can speculate that it appears in us creatures of the timespace as intellect and after certain limit as consciousness. It interacts through the perfect energy.

  2. What is the dark energy? Because the timespace is still expanding with an accelerating speed almost 14 billion years after the Big Bang, it is clear evidence of the existence of the continuous energy source. Only all-encompassing media, which has been called Absolute by the oriental philosophy of religion and which is regarded impersonal deity by the Buddhism, can operate as that source. It's basic energy can be looked at comprising of the symmetrically coagulating cells, which can be dissolved to energy variations by condensing and thinning. When their partial components are separated from each others, they 'step down' to the service of the laws of the timespace. Discharge starts from the infinite frequency and wavelength, so also the speed is enormous; it is released as kinetic energy. This is dark energy and expansion goes on as long as there exists Absolute. The cyclehood 'pumps' each time the timespace wider and wider, until the infinity is 'conquered' and it will take eternity.

  3. What are the matter and antimatter; the dualism of the matter? Vibrations alternately condense and thin media elastically into cells of variable size. They return, however, to their initial state after some time of oscillation. When strong wavefronts collide so complex bunches of condensations and thinnings are created that they stay locked for a longer period than the frequency of the vibrations would imply. These particles having certain lifespan are known elementary particles, unsymmetric energy aggregations, which search for suitable pairs to complete the symmetry. This is how material is created when suitable bunches of condensations are joined first into atoms and then larger entities. Antimatter is built correspondingly in the spot, where a collision creates more thinned elements. The lifespan of the bunches of thinnings is shorter than the corresponding condensations, therefore more material is created and though the biggest part is disappeared when matter and antimatter particles are facing, enough material is left to build up stars and planets.

  4. The limit of the speed of light, Heisenberg uncertainty principle and entanglement phenomenon? Vibrations propagate in the media the faster the higher is their frequency. When the frequency approaches infinite, the speed comes closer to infinite, too. Condensations and thinnings, which are reversible in the pace of the frequency and are called iv-particles, propagate the same way, but as individuals they exist only a racing moment. Heisenberg uncertainty principle means that the wavefront creates corresponding individuals with certain probability in a little bit different places. To define the exact places demands the knowledge of the directions and intensities of all the participating vibrations. Entanglement phenomenon denotes that a certain information, which influences on the particles, propagates faster than the speed of light. So the information for instance of the rotation of the spins of the laser-beam is transfered prompter than the photons of light. This is also the basis on the teleportation.

  5. Dark matter? Temporarily born condensations and thinnings possess influences and all of them has delaying force against vibrations or gravity. Though as individuals they exist only less than a trillion part of the second, there are however, all the time in the same volume a certain amount. Material particles radiate all the time invisible vibration called astral light. In a closed volume, like timespace, additionally standing waves are born in the suitable frequencies when from the edges reflecting return vibrations are summing up with the stationary oscillating ones. So the energy state called dark matter is born, which is only observed from it's gravity.

  6. The basic forcetypes? Our science knows four basic forces: Electromagnetic is transmitted by the photon, strong nuclear force gluon and weak nuclear force W- and Z-bosons. Interaction mechanism of the gravity is not known. Transmitting or interacting particles are virtual, they are observed only through their influence. They are massless except W- and Z-bosons. When a photon gets one energy quant more, it transforms to observable light or other radiations corresponding the electromagnetic frequency spectrum. Gluons are quite strong, W- and Z-bosons weak and very short aged. Iv-particles defined by HUT can include other additional effects, which we people sense as emotions like the power of love. All of them are due to the unsymmetry, which radiates information on it's state and when another particle sending suitable counterradiation, interacting attraction is born, until they are joined together to a larger entity possessing a better symmetry. The radiation of the particles having the same kind of the unsymmetry instead create propulsion. Gravity is totally different from the other three. It has no specific interaction particle of it's own, but all the particles even the slightest condensed and thinned ranges of the vibrations cause inertia to other vibrations and particles irrespective of their lifespan. Gravity can be regarded as a static form of the kinetic energy.

  7. Stars and Black Holes? Stars are large bunches of energy condensations, which radiate enormous numbers of all kinds of particles. We observe only elementary particles having sufficient lifeage and their various compilations. But it is including all the possible forms of the particles and vibrations. So a star 'fertilizes' multilevel existences in it's surroundings. Organi life is one kind, perhaps quite rare one compared to many other possible existences. Plainly the globe can be divided to the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms plus mankind. Minerals utilize only the visible radiation of the Sun, plants additionally somewhat finer, animals still finer and people the finest state of energy. The Black Holes are collecting and transforming units of energy. Their gravity attracts inside the 'mature' long enough lived material and transform it to the iv-particles and finally vibrations having huge kinetic energy and frequency.

  8. Universes and elements? According to the HUT universes are divided to the levels of frequency. Material world is the vibrational reality of almost till zero frequency. It is the most rigid and slowly transforming, so the time and space are on their largest and numbers greatest. If the fourth directional dimension is talked about, then the frequency should change to imaginary. Additional directions could enable parallel worlds, which are invisible to each others. Oriental philosophy separates universes from the zero to infinite frequency as follows: Physical etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhi, nirvanic, paranirvanic and mahaparanirvanic. The elements are combinations of the various levels of phases and the finest or highest defines the quality. The soil element consists of only the physical etheric universe, the water element includes additionally finer astralic, air element also mental and fire element causal. Buddhi is more of the wide wave fronts and it is prevailed by the gravity, which so can be called it's own element. Nirvana is ruled by the great kinetic energy, it is nearly perfect energy and builds up units of the size of galaxy. Esoterically it has been called Akasha (means ether). Paranirvana is perfect energy the whole timespace as one unit or Logos and Absolute. Mahaparanirvana is beyond the time and space, infinitely wise Oneness. When getting up to the higher levels time and space are contracting and orientations vanishing.

  9. The miracle of life, DNA? Man has been capable of generating intelligent order till the atomic level or the size of the nanometer. So the materials having special characteristics have been created. We can only conclude that if we could reach an intelligent order to still finer particles, organic life could be born. The miracle of growth and procreation could demand arranging the size of the double nanometer or the water element. Movability and breathing of animals could require triple nanos or the good order of the air element. Man's consciousness would entail that even the finest quants were intelligently arranged. This finest could mean the known length of Planck or even the observed 'granularity' of the space, when the size of one quant of gravity would be only 10-48 m. DNA includes the corresponding levels of finesse arranged to constructional and functional rules so that plants get their characteristics and animal species their own and people the most variable entities.

 10. The purpose of life? To expand the Absolute, create more perfect energy and invade the emptiness of the time and space. Meanwhile the individualized consciousness is expanding to the entity of it's own. Cycle by cycle together with other seeds of consciousness it will expand to fill up the eternal infinity. All the incidents of our lifes, emotions and thoughts are the filling, when compensated by the counter partners, creates eternal perfect energy. Man is a substitute of God in it's own level like all other creatures of the space, agent and bycreator. By our abilities The Infinite Wisdom completes the plan of creation, which in His timelessness and limitlessness is already fullfilled.

 11. Ufos and humanoids? Man is a sophisticated entity, which has been enabled to operate by the higher energy here in the lowest level of existence. Ufos and humanoids are in the same way 'teleported' here to perform some task. They are more simple and handle smaller tasks than man. Man has to a certain limit free will, but humanoids accomplish only tasks they are programmed to do. Ufos do not travel in the hyperspace, but their constructional and operational rules are transmitted as an information flow from the higher level and they are built in the target the material available there. Usos refer to the possibility that they gain the needed makings best from the sea.

 12. Future? Mankind evolves inevitably towards perfect completion. We are now in the state, where we have to get acquainted to all kinds of secular existence or what is related to the soil element and to study thoroughly all it's phenomena. In some phase we have to regard more the frills of the water, air and fire elements. Part of us is forced to experience more lower level troubles and apparently the entire mankind has fell into vagabond of the bad Karma, longer than usual path partly without possibility to make own choice. God's consciousness is with us and strengthen us when needed and we ask for it. It is the Grace that we are granted enough time to complete the task. Rovers of the shorter and longer paths meat finally in the same state. Those born latest can be so much behind that their development continues in the next cycle.