Man's bottomless curiosity, longing for Truth and eliminating blindness. Father's child wants to find answers to many matters:

1.   Why do I exist?
2.   Why this World has been created?
3.   Why there is so much evilness and injustice in the world?
4.   If God exist, why He lets all this bad happen?
5.   Why this universum is so vast?
6.   What energy is, dark energy and dark matter?
7.   Why theology detracts knowledge?
8.   Can Truth (Bowl of Gral) be found?
9.   Can man meet God?
10.  Is the creator god of Earth different from the One of million trillion solar systems?
11.  How should I live; If I fail, may I have a new chance?
12.  How is it with my dear ones, do I see them ever after my death?

    I have been looking for the answers for these and corresponding questions already my whole life of 60 years (at least 50 years of it). I have read hundreads of books, looked at and listened to documents, stories, thoughts of the great thinkers, talks of the priests, politicians, scientists and ordinary people.

    All of them has their own answers, some live with content as if they knew, but they do not have the answers, at least not all of them. Some just fall silent, they have stopped seeking, when the answers did not appear in a reasonable time. Some do not even bother at all. But some lead others astray on purpose for their own interests. The worst wrong is such that it is close to the true one and credible, but crucially adrift.

    I have been persistent, I have continued seeking and I still do, until I have found the satisfactory answer to everything I want to or the time gets short. Either I am so naive or so bold to claim my rights as a human being like Don Quijote fighting against windmills. Someone has given me this life and consciousness, He should also tell me what to do with this and why.

    In the beginning Lutherian religion gave ready-made answers, until I noticed, that all religions contain contradictory concepts and their answers could not explain all the existing facts. Even the smallest details raise disputation and the grand ones cannot even be impugned. And how many swindlers have been fiddling around with it.

    I turned to the science, which gave me exact details, but on very limited matters and the great ones were also fallen dead silent. Avarice, greed for power, egoism and ambition veil too easily longing for Truth. And those, who stand to try and create their own ideas, are yelled - woo woo.

    I turned inward, my inner self, as the oriental religious philosophy teaches. Even own ego tries to cheat to enjoy secular pleasures. Inner spirit is the only faithful source, if approached with open, altruistic and sincere mind. After many tens of years of studies and overtures I am in this situation. I have had to introduce my own TEO, Theory of Everything, the capacity of which for answering all the possible questions, I am now testing. I shall let my dear reader self to judge, how well or poorly it is satisfying. I do not expect any yippees from either scientists or religious. However, my own goal has been completed, I have won my fears and found the piece of mind. I have got out of the total ignorance and my faith is based on the firm ground. My soul has started to smile at last.

    Because the vibrations are involved in everything and their harmony is emphasized by this theory, I have named it the "Harmonic Universum Theory" or briefly HUT.