It has been a crystal clear goal to create so perfect concept of the cosmos that it explains all the phenomenon of the LIFE, as well the natural scientific, historical, psychological, religional and social specifics; physical, chemical and biological laws; metaphysics, occultism and paranormal esoterics of the spiritual realm, as even the most minor myths, stories and beliefs. Also to find a bridge connecting the material and spiritual realms. Sounds like a perpetual-motion machine, but the only barrier has been our prejudice, conservatism and mental laziness to seek for the Truth.

    Another goal is that as many human being as possible would get a new spark to think of these matters experienced too difficult and would grow mentally to a new more harmonic level. The more of us start thinking 'higher' values, the better our homeplanet will become. This is as easy or difficult to prove as the truth or a lie. The Absolute Truth exists only in the Perfect. The Nature and all that we observe and experience are the best facts to justify the relative truth. It is better even to walk a verst wrong than to hold still. You may read this also with a roguish twinkle in the eyes as a nice entertainment! It is worth to remember that physically we are what we eat and drink, mentally we are what we read, feel and think.

    Sir Francis Bacon has said: "Do not read that you could contradict and embarrass, or to believe and take it for granted or finding something to talk and discuss. Read that you could ponder and weigh up everything".

    I am just an ordinary shoe trampler and potato chewer, born in the labour class, graduated from the technical highschool, specializing in the ore exploration geophysics. To earn a title physicist a good knowledge of the theorethical physics and mathematics are needed. Geophysicist needs one of the most difficult parts of the physics namely field theory. Then I was possessing a job with gadgetry, data processing and interpretation in a big Finnish metal company for 31 years. Already when quite young I was interested in astronomy (cosmology), soon also UFOs and paranormal phenomenon. I keep up my shape with yoga, skiing and jogging, which in the summer time is more orienteering, often participating in the competitions to compare my skill and fitness to the men of the same age. After shallow familiarization to the oriental religions I returned merrily to the Christianity, which has now changed to my own metaphysical HUT-theory tangential to the regnosticism and anthroposophism, after strong reading experiences (like Steiner and Urantia-book). I have been more sceptics than believer. I am indeed not a master of the occultism or any kind of spirituality. The Masters do not need any theories, They know it all! Religional doctrines that are cut in the stone, but unreasoned, I have started to despise. They are based on the path of emotion, which alone downright looks down on the Truth.

    My imagination and intuition seem to be my strengths, like Einstein has said: ”More important than the knowledge is an (open-minded) imagination!” I do examine all the matters first from the scientific perspective as far as possible, but the prejudices do do not hold me and I am pleased to easily cross all the barriers developed by the human mind. I also regard the philosophic and religional views as deeply as possible, but I do not commit myself to any doctrines and philosophical or theological purposeless niggles with the terms and concepts; they do not inspire me. From the sports I also want to find the best sides to accelerate the mental growth. Orienteering is my favourite. It is also fun as one great Finn Tahko Pihkala stated more than 50 years ago: ”How is it possible that such a great enjoyment hasn’t been proclaimed sin?”

    My pious goal has been to seek openly for the seeds of Truth. Every writing dealing with the studies of as well the material as esoteric realms will give us inspirations, the conclusions of which we can compare and integrate to our universal concepts reflecting all the time to ‘the facts’ of the vivid life. Our own internal wise man (higher or Superego) will then help us by the means of intuition and imagination to construct a rational entity, such a vision of the Cosmos, which cannot be on the intellectual basis contradicted. Persistent vertical thinking, sincere, humble and broadminded argumentation, expeditions and detective work are very fruitful, and they will make our mental consciousness or soul to flourish.

    I believe that subconsciously I have been granted a permission to use the information registers of the spiritual realm (Akasha-files, some talk about a ‘zero-field’ or the Universal Memory), which are perfect sources of information and open to all spirits, who sincerely strive after promoting the spiritual welfare of the whole mankind. Actually it is difficult to find totally new basic principles that would not already exist in the data warehouse of the Universum – new combinations can surely be found endlessly. The problem is our ability to interpret them and everyone has to examine matters with their own concepts formed by the experiences. But when one keeps trying, the most wariest seeds of information transform into the delightful fruits.

    Information, which is vibration of energy, is always exactly correct, but its interpretation, explanation of the influences, is difficult for us human beings. When a thought is translated to words, it loses so much of its potential, that it is easy to slate as normal unproved banality or nonsense. But even the foolest sentence that the spiritual registers have evoked into our mind, include a seed of Truth. Impossible vibrations we just cannot create. But our relative world is imperfect and incomplete, also what comes to the Truth. So any theory created by a man is forcibly subjective and envisioned from a certain perspective. It depends on the author's own mental level, verbality and other abilities, willpower, harmonicity, experiences and above all the relationship to the higher Spirits.

    Or how well one can adopt himself into the stream of Life and interpret the higher level energy vibrations. The same concerns you, dear reader, how well you can evaluate and receive abstract concepts that are beyond our senses. I have tried to avoid blind adoption of the ‘ready-made’ dogmas. So I recommend my reader also to chew up and test well these matters inside yourself and keep what feels good to you. It is important to forget the possible preconceptions. Always one should be ready to adopt and ponder new and shifting ideas. These aspects can never be fully proven or even described in this level of consciousness so that every human being could them immediately digest. But all that increases mental capital, is good for us. Meditation clarifies thoughts, pondering during slow motion (jogging or skiing) has best suited me. As well music, art, work, etc, which prompts for positive and ennoble thoughts or feelings. It is also important to defeat one's own mental laziness, for holding still equals to the spiritual death by starving.

My name is Mauri Ensio Lakanen, born in Oulu 1948. My personality has very small significance, the matter itself is important. I am just a middleman for the higher forces.

Good or bad, nice or complaining feedback I am very pleased to receive in my email address: lenska(at)

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