1. For the rover of the path of knowledge HUT is a good intermediate step. Mere path of emotion without understanding what one believes in is dissatisfying. Both are needed and the deeds of Love counts. Seeking for the Truth is vertical thinking, aiming to comprehend great meanings, which seem unintelligible. It is to internalize universum to individuality, enabling the living dynamic faith, which leads to wisdom, enlightenment and citizen of the Universum.

  2. The origin of energy and understanding it's phases so that science can apply them in the better way than currently. It is the basis for the Grand Universal Theory, GUT, which physics is longing for and explains as well the dark matter as dark energy and the mechanism of gravity. The victory of material over antimaterial, dualism of matter and phenomenon of the entanglement are explained, too. As well the principle of the ufos and how the speed of light is exceeded.

  3. The born of life and basic necessities become understandable and the history of evolution depicted by Steiner gets the scientific frames. The evolution of mankind has started already in the Big Bang and continues till the end of the cycle or tens of billions of years. The time scale we know is the lowest possible, because we exist in the most rigid universe. In the higher universes time contracts like the size of the space and for the grand Consciousness time and space are just a small spot in the Universum.

  4. The fourth out of seven is the present Earth-phase, of which a small, but maybe the most important period we are now living. It belongs to this phase to individualize first in the mineral kingdom by the soil element, plant and animal kingdoms by the water and air elements and finally to the mankind by the fire element. Higher element consists of the smaller or finer and more elastic type of energy. The smallest energy unit, quant can be the known Planck's length or still smaller. So the levels of finesse can be divided into multiples of nanos of one meter: Soil element is the order of the size of one nanometer, water element makes possible the arrangement of the size of one nanonanometer, which enables growing and breeding or flora. The order of nanonanonanometer happens by the assistance of the air element and makes it possible to breath and move like fauna. Then intelligent arrangement of the size of four times nano or fire element endows the consciousness, which is the typical mark for mankind.

  5. Man has his own mold in every vicinity, construction and operation instructions, which gather energy of their own level smartly for certain planned, according to the 'idea', gesture. DNA is the visible part of the molds, which includes in the form of vibrations the information required by the finer levels. The complexity of the whole has demanded their longlasting evolution process. DNA is a tool that makes it easy to copy the accomplished final result. The evolution of species has belonged to this process as one small part. It's goal born homo sapiens was suitable to possess own individual soul and more recently selfspirit or individual consciousness. As an example of faster building molds are the ufos and humanoids. They are accomplished using radiation of more simple information from the higher levels. According to this information flow they are built in the target to complete certain tasks. So the ufos and humanoids get their visible gesture only by joining with the minerals.

  6. The books of history must be renewed, when the total evolution of the mankind is regarded and the descending in stages of the consciousness into individuality, free will, which meant separation from the spiritual roots. Sun worshippers were after all wiser than us, though their intelligence quotient was still small. Atlantis was quite well mentally high civilization, but the consciousnesses of this epoch lived still in the astral realm. They made only minor observations on the physical world by the help of the elementary senses and brains of animals. At that time man started from some reason unwittingly to create monsters in the physical world, while current man creates unwisely monsters or chaos to the astral realm.

  7. The Truth/Possibility-pyramid endows means to understand how the thought and emotion energies belonging to the evolution can be set in the spirally ascending scale towards the Truth. Intelligence, fears, faith, hope and love alternate as well in the development of the single man as the whole mankind. During every lap they hopefully rise higher level when the will power gives the necessary impulse needed for progress. Till now it has also meant expansion to minor and minor details at the expense of the whole. Now the development should forward towards more impact entirety. Man's conservatism, mental laziness and the cast iron doctrines are the worse enemies of evolution. Also the future can be revised accordingly what the past evolutionary progress tells. Mankind's evolution has consisted of many weak times, even regression, but the fast progress has followed, when stammers have been checked out and development caught again. Negative energies are still very strong and will cause big troubles in the near future of the mankind. But they have to be faced and overcome before the more peaceful times can dawn.

  8. Amount of the mental energy - the grade of perfect - in every human action, thoughts, deeds and also emotions is important factor, which would be nice to be able to measure. Steiner's, Riikonen's and theosophical books give hints about how the energies of the various levels influence or how a man having certain level, acts, thinks, feels and makes choices. HUT sets estimates to certain levels in the appropriate order. Much remains to be done in this field.

  9. Every man has his own amount of emotional, thinking and will power. The relations of these forces determine quite far the man's habits of action, behavioral temperament etc. HUT sets the four basic behavioral types of Redfield, the old temperamental division and nine branchy enneagram of Gurdijeff into the relative scale of the three mentioned forces and goes sill further till 16 possible variations. In practise it is possible to differentiate only the types that depart sufficiently from each others. Everyone can get some help to analyse oneself, find the weaknesses and aim to strengthen them.

 10. Energymedicin, like presented by Lindqvist-Niemelš, is fully consistent with the HUT-theory. Causes of illness, function of DNA, strong spiritual influence on health. One must understand thinking of human being, like Steiner has exposed it: Brains function mirror like to various thought energies, which are vibrating radiations from everywhere. Suitable frequencies cause brains to resonate and then they come to consciousness as thouhgts or feelings. It is not a question of those low-frequency alfa - delta potentials of brains, which are observed electromagnetically by our science. Man's own brains radiate certain frequencies continuously. They are like clouds of energy, which are surrounding man. They protect from bad influences, but at the same time they cover also good ones. If man lives long time with unsolved issues, their effect grows during years even so great that they start to change man's personality. Negative sorrows lead in the long course to illnesses and mental disorder. Correspondingly the entire society is bothered by huge negative energy clouds, which ask for much positivity to compensate their harmful effects. Fears are this kind of energy collecting feelings, which start to realise when getting large enough. Forgiveness and apology are the most powerful means to get rid off sharing other man's scraped together negative flows.

Sc. alternative cures are really effective, because they take into account man's interaction with the spiritual energies. Natural nutrition and action is best also for man and it will rise amount of his mental energies. In the urbanic environment grown youth shows strong disorder symptoms because of too slight mental energy. It is lack of attention and love, which conducts to depression, losing zest for life and causing various illnesses. As long as our society underrates downright despises mental side, so long 'misery' of mankind just escalates. Welfare created by technics is too ignoble that it could nourish man's soul.

 11. Man's natural communication has been telepathic. But when individualization led to separation from the spiritual realm, man had to develope spoken and written language. Telepathy is still possible, but it requires ability to recognize other's frequencies of radiated vibrations. Identical twins have best chances for that, but very empathic people has the ability to set themselves to other's position and then they without noticing feel, even think the same way as their target. With animals man has to communicate telepathic, though a close animal learns to interpret also man's gesture language and tones of voice. Taming of the beast animal demands that man shows higher mental level. Fear takes man's level comparable to it's catch animals and then the beast can attack.

Everywhere in nature prevails cooperation. Man's organs are originally built when microbes were joined to cells and specializing tasks that served the whole. Man is assembled of the bodies of various levels or grades of finnesse, whose improved cooperation has made it possible for consciousness to descend and manage with the senses and brains. Activities of the society requires people to specialize and cooperate. Selfish actions are the cancer of the society, which it cannot tolerate long time in larger scale. Individual's advantage is finally the same as the whole mankind's and mankind's advantage is the same as the entire Globe. A citizen of the Universum is thinking even the advantage of the Universum, understands that only perfect can stand for ever.

 12. Mental coaching is much more than influencing oneself by visualization excercises and other superficial actions. Steady improvement of execution is enabled only by allencompassing development of oneself to a higher mental level. This is just what for we have come to this secular life - develope ourselves as men towards perfect citizenship of the Universum. We need many lifes for this, so during one it is impossible to accomplish perfect in everything, but we can come close to it with some small partial tasks. The greater goals, the more one must develope oneself. Our physical etheric, astral and mental bodies must be got to play the same piece seamlessly. Controll of selfspirit requires noble goals and it is awake also for completion of the soulplan. With any task perfect success happens only then the cooperation is frictless. Most of the times mind, which is our lower ego and collection of various heritic and soul based characteristics, is one, which wishes it's own and generally something that leads to floppy deeds. Selfspirit must have a firm touch of the whole, then one goes to the best possible direction.

In the moment of now we have a connection to the higher powers, till the perfect energy. We can have it for our usage as much as we can further deliver. We cannot own it, we must give it up for completing tasks. It is too 'hot', powerful energy to be stored. The better our consciousness, selfspirit is present, the better we can utilize the present moment. Man's performance consists of three phases: Thought or plan how to execute the task, will power executes it and emotion approves and gives prize or doubts and causes it to flop. When the thought is good enough, before will power starts to accomplish it, emotional part reacts positively. If the plan is raw, when strong will already starts to complete it, emotional part reacts negatively and the task flops. When all elements hit the same target: bodies are doing good team work and thinking, will and feeling energies are in balance, one can expect best possible performances - everything goes like in ecstasy. Orienteering is the best sports to develope man in overall mannor and the profession of medicin doctor, if one does it more for lust of help than money.